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New Agenda Items

Reference Proteomes

  • Do we use the reference proteomes in GO as default?
  • Do we sync with QfO or with UniProt?
  • How do we deal with async issues, e.g. PAINT?

CM: provided summary JB: this is an important issue SL: can we move to a faster release cycle with QfO CM: issue with synchrony SL: we can automatically update PAINT GAFs PT: we can switch to two releases a year. monthly is aggressive RH: GOA monthly RH: Reference proteome is based on QfO CM: it's a synchrony issue. We need to be working to the same release JB: lot's of QC goes in. every 6 months.

ACTION: CM will write a proposal. Help from PT and SL.

SL: we have to be careful not to lose anything when we provide the reference as default

JB: what about other species.

CM: depends on the MOD. For other non-MOD species make sure anything we project annotations to in PAINT

RH: new QuickGO will allow projection to reference proteome CM : docs should be synced

ACTION: RH will add goa_ref_human to GOC release

Annotations to non-UniProtKB identifiers

  • Collecting use cases for non-UniProtKB identifiers for common annotation tool.
    • email was sent to seven groups to ask for identifiers specifications. So far, responses from AgBase, BHF-UCL, and WB.

KVA: CAF/protein2go - need to annotate to non-uniprot IDs. Sent spreadsheet with sruver of kinds of identifiers people want to use.

ACTION: everyone to fill in spreadsheet

SL: this arose from RNA central.

KVA: orphan genes, ncRNAs, complexes.

KVA: this is mostly just a survey

Enhancing Taxon Constraints

The ontology group has created a new ticket and sub-tickets:

There are some technical issues to take care of, and making taxon constraints often leads to time-consuming refactors -these ultimately improve the ontology but take effort away from other priorities. Do we have some deadline and metric of success for the next meeting in Texas?

JL: taxon constraint jamboree. Will be much easier in future PT: we want to add more SL: need a report for PAINT

ACTION: SL to coordinate with Heiko to get Jenkins/taxon reports on PAINT files

PT: we calculate age of every gene. combine this with annotations. +1 for Jamboree

ACTION: have a taxon jamboree before texas meeting

Contribute to 2013 GOC Progress Report

Please send updates to Judy and she will incorporate. Judy will post drafts for review.

GO help

The number of people on the rota has gone down to 9, will be 8 in January. Some groups aren't on the rota at all - can we volunteer people please?

Action points from last meeting

Action Item: Draft a GO_REF for BP annotations inferred from Phenotype Ontology annotations that documents curation pipeline and entities included in the With/From column, e.g. Variation IDs, RNAi experiment IDs, Phenotype Ontology terms, Paper IDs. [Kimberly]



Gene Ontology annotation through association of Phenotype Ontology terms with GO Biological Process terms


Transitive assignment of GO terms based on mappings between Phenotype Ontology terms and GO Biological Process terms. GO terms are obtained from a file, generated manually by WormBase curators, containing mappings to Worm Phenotype Ontology (WPO) terms. Annotations made using this reference may contain one or more of the following in the With/Fro column (Column 8): 1) A variation or RNAi identifier used by WB to indicate the perturbation; 2) The WPO term; 3) A reference identifier for the publication that reported the phenotype. Mapping files will be made available here:

Action Item: Update documentation about what can be included in the With/From column for IMP annotations to include paper identifiers. [Rachael, Rama]

Action Item: Survey existing annotations to find suspect (outlier) BP annotations. [Suzi, Chris]

Action Item: Assemble use cases where phenotype-based annotations would be either misleading or inconsistent with manual GO annotation practices. [GO Curators]

BioCurator Meeting

  • What are GO's plans for the meeting?
  • Would be good to have a coordinated set of talks - start a wiki page for ideas?
  • Submit a paper for the Database issue? Just abstracts?
  • Who is going to the meeting?

Action Item: Add abstract deadline to GO calendar - DONE [Suzi]

Papers - November 15th, 2013

Abstract for Posters - February 10, 2014

Action Item: Create wiki page for ideas.

Ideas: enrichment analysis strategies, MGI's phenotype to BP pipeline, apoptosis

Discussion points