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Kara Dolinski, Pascale Gaudet, Rachel, Jane, David Hill, Rama, Chris

Discussion topics


  • Updating annotation documentation: Rama. Talking to Amelia about final touches (tabs on pages); text is good to go.

Evidence Proposal

  • ECO proposal:
    • Pascale mentioned that other curators were interested in knowing about the new ECO proposal.
    • Put the proposal (and all the comments so far) together, get some specific use cases.
    • Have a with Michele to come to further flesh out/finalize
    • After it is more polished, send proposal to GO Friends, biocurator mailing list.
  • Protein binding:
    • At the GOC meeting we agreed to explore the possibility of incorporating interaction data from bioGRID/Intact/IMAX. In terms of priority, where does this fit? Should we form a working group?
  • Evidence summation:
    • I started a wiki page with some notes. Again, not sure where it fits in terms of priority. Seems like ECO needs to be in place first. Can we form a WG and start discussing this regularly?

Ref Genome

Ontology Development

  • Ruth emailed to request some ontology development meetings - Judy will forward email
  • GOCHE completion - in time for grant? Paper probably be finished in time for renewal in Jan 2011, implementation some time later.
  • BP x BP cross-products implemented


  • AmiGO 1.8 out soon
  • OBO-Edit 2.1 - addresses outstanding bugs. There will be another maintenance release - 2.2 - before freeze.
  • Have money for 3 one-year positions - Berkeley position filled, two still available at Stanford.==Agenda==