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Participants:  Kara
Agenda: Rama
Agenda: Rama

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Participants: Kara

Agenda: Rama

Minutes: Jane

Phone passCode: 801-561

Action items from previous calls

  • GO_ext file - Jane will re-organize the downloads page to highlight this file. She will bring this up with Chris/Seth to highlight it within AmiGO.

New items

  • I've been in touch with a group at University of Lisbon (Francisco M Couto) who are developing an existing tool for ontology alignment called AgreementMaker to take ontologies on OBO format, with the hope we can use it to rapidly map GO to the many bacterial/pathogen terminologies (IMG etc.) out there (and hopefully bring in some of the NIAID organisms). Maybe we can look into getting funding for someone to work on this for a year or two as a collaboration? [Jane]
  • Karen is attending a transcription meeting in Spain in June. How are we going to coordinate getting the transcription revisions into GO?
  • Applications closed for GO curator job. We have a shortlist of 4/5.