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(Welcome to Melanie)
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==Welcome to Melanie==
==Welcome to Melanie Courtot==
* She is the new GO project lead at UniProt
* She is the new GO project lead at UniProt

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Welcome to Melanie Courtot

  • She is the new GO project lead at UniProt

GAF2.1 (addition of pipe/comma to With/From column) (Rama)

Are there any concerns?

Annotating Complexes with GO

IntAct folks are making GO annotations for complexes and they have sent us some questions about how to annotate tricky situations etc. Myself and Kimberly have gone through the proposal. We recommend forming a working group to discuss the issues and to come up with guidelines. Any thoughts?

Author feedback form


  • We have been asked several times about the quality of our annotations
  • Paul T mentioned that, at the Synapse meeting, an author said the annotations made from his paper were not accurate.
  • How about we send a form to authors and ask if the annotations made from their papers are correct or not?


Master GAF file

  • Many of our users who want all the annotations for all taxons grab the UniProt file. We should be providing a master GAF file with all annotations