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AmiGO testing

(Rama) AmiGO version 1.8 went out for testing 2 weeks back and not many GOC curators came forward to test (some of you may have noticed that Val tested the interface a lot). It is disappointing. And it is not like there is a new feature in AmiGO every week. Here is a breakdown of the groups being supported by the GOC. Can we expect some % of time from each of these groups to test?

  • EBI - GO-Office
  • SGD/Stanford
  • MGI/ Jackson Laboratory
  • EBI - GOA
  • WormBase/CalTech
  • TAIR/ Carnegie
  • Dictybase/Northwestern
  • RGD/Medical College of Wisconsin


  • Recommendations for handling goa PDB files, to be sent to the GOA group.

Reference Genome

  • PAINT curation ramp up/testing of curation rates: curators: Mike L, Rama, Li?
  • Plan:
    • PAINT bug fixes, curator training (Nov)
    • 10 days in December from each curator
  • new dir for derived pre-submission PAINT files
  • Ref Genome Software Development: additional projects for Princeton?

Ontology Development

  • Signaling meeting proposal for February 2011
  • Do we need a face-2-face GOCHE meeting in February?