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GAF Naming Conventions - Standardization? (Kimberly)

  • As mentioned a few weeks ago, WB and WB-ParaSite are preparing to start submitting additional GAFs for other nematode species and for platyhelminthes.
  • We need to decide on appropriate file names for these GAFs.
  • Looking at examples of what is currently submitted by groups that submit multiple files:
    • gene_association.GeneDB_Lmajor.gz
    • gene_association.PAMGO_Atumefaciens.gz
    • gene_association.goa_chicken.gz
    • gene_association.goa_ref_cow.gz
    • gene_association.goa_uniprot_noiea.gz
  • Wondering if we could come up with standardized naming for GAFs. I propose a version including the taxon ID and a name that matches the label associated with the taxon ID:
    • gene_association.submittinggroup_taxonid_gspecies.gz
    • gene_association.submittinggroup_taxonid_classificationname.gz
      • gene_association.goa_9913_btaurus.gz
      • gene_association.wb_6239_celegans.gz
      • gene_association.wb_6231_nematoda.gz
      • gene_association.wb_6157_platyhelminthes.gz
  • Other suggestions?
  • Does this work for strain-specific files?
  • What about files like the 'noieas' file that UniProt submits?
  • Corresponding identifier mapping files would stay the same, e.g., gp2protein.wb?

Symposium day in Washington DC

  • Donna Slonim has agreed to give a talk and we are currently waiting an update from Trey Ideker.
  • There is not a tentative count for participants, and the symposium has not yet been announced outside the GOC lists.
  • Will there be time for side meetings?

Agenda for main GOC meeting

GO user survey

Please let Paola know if you have any feedback.

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