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GO meeting organization

  • I'll keep people updated as soon as there is more information coming up.

- Pascale

Proposed priorities for GOC working groups

Ontology development

  • term requests
  • OWLification
  • support for LEGO (MF restructuring, …)
  • begin and end functions for cellular processes
  • logical definitions for terms that include cell type, anatomy terms
  • MF and RHEA

Literature annotation

  • QC metrics for annotations
  • defining annotation standards, training, documentation
  • focus on planned PAINT annotation families

Phylogenetic annotation

  • Jamboree until Barcelona meeting: GO-funded curators should spend GO-funded time on this project through end of Sept.? [5 curators full time for 6 weeks or 20% time for 5-6 curators]= 5-10 families per week
  • paper on QC assessment using PAINT


  • Drupal Web Site & AmiGO (Seth needs to move on, Moni + Stanford?)
  • migrate all remaining cron jobs to Jenkins (Heiko)
  • LEGO annotation tool prototype release (Seth)
  • Complete migration of ontology editing to full OWL (protege plug-ins, Heiko, Chris, Simon)
  • jsPAINT in view-only mode made public (Seth)
  • jsPAINT roll-out (Seth, Suzi)
  • mySQL/LEAD retirement (will take a while)
  • Amazon Cloud for GO website and AmiGO (Mike/Stuart/Seth)
  • CANTO deployment (Chris, Seth, Kim, Rama)
  • LEGO mirrors of graphRDF/OWL
  • GAF-GPAD roundtripping (Mary?)
  • LEGO/OWL ←→ GPAD converters (Mary?)
  • Graphic display of enrichment results (Mary?)
  • Term Genie templates for CL and UBERON (Heiko, Chris)
  • Paper Viewer release-able (i.e. connected to grid/table annot tool, Owl) [Hans-Michael, Juancarlos, Yuling]
  • Stabilized enrichment tool (??USC)
  • GO-mine retirement, unplugging (Stanford)
  • Getting Textpresso to work with MF (in addition to CCC) [Hans-Michael, Kimberly]
  • authentication/authorization (software group mutual choice)
  • Orion/LEGO import from Reactome


  • Annotation training material on web site
  • Annotation/help forum

Quarterly GOC conference call

  • Once a quarter, report on each to the ‘priorities' and ‘next steps’ for each group. We would have two main objectives for each quarter.
  • Next meeting (teleconference) would be in June.
  • All GO invited to ‘listen in’, managers, directors, selected others would carry most of reporting and discussion.
Our proposal for first meeting, which necessarily would be a ‘start’.
  • Litrerature Annotation and Corrodination (Rama?)
    • management and coordination and standards
    • Annotation efforts
  • Phylogenetic Annotations (Huaiyu?)
    • management and coordination
    • annotation report
  • Software
    • Web presence
    • annotation and ontology QC and files
    • maintain db and resources