Manager Call 2015-09-16

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The user wants to annotate their assembled transcripts using GO terms. We have always been down on blast2go yet offer no ready to use alternative on our website. (Chris)

  • Organise working group for working on chain of evidence: Tony S, Melanie, other volunteers? (MC)

Action Items from GOC

  1. Github: Documentation on how to use github for curators, how to add curator initials when a new curator wants to make ontology changes (Paola has volunteered to bring this up in Ontology call)
  1. GO survey:
    • Make sure we can track the survey respondent.
    • Use textpresso to get author emails from papers that cite or use GO.
    • Ask respondents if they want to participate in focus groups
  1. User experience
    • training video for how to create a slim - build from existing training talks? Claire mentioned that EBI is making videos.
    • create a tool that would use a biology concept (angiogenesis) to select their slim terms (of the various slim flavors, this is the flavor made by gathering more granular terms related to and around the seeding term)
    • BD2K- Judy mentioned that there is some RFA to develop education resources/video tutorials. Here’s the link (
  1. GOC Website
    • Ruth and Val to help Moni (+ perhaps Rama & Melanie) with composing the answer page for groups wishing to provide annotations. We’re only interested in manual annotations, not the output of Interpro2GO or other IEAs.
    • Improve Evidence code documentation so it isn’t as dispersed, but is all on one page. And more easily searchable.
    • Add a line item to renewal to support funding a dedicated user experience person to develop the web site.