Manager Call 2016-01-06

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Agenda for GOC meeting in Geneva

Sandra Orchard and Birgit Meldal will attend Biocuration and were wondering if their presence at the GOC meeting would be needed (or encouraged). Will protein complexes be on the agenda? That would really appreciate if we could please let them know sooner rather than later, as the EBI is already finalising flights for them.

Action: Yes, they should plan to attend. We will be discussing complexes and how the macromolecular complex generator in LEGO will interface with other resources.

Annotation Advocacy Resources - Traditional GO Annotation vs. LEGO

  • Curation issues that come up wrt traditional GO curation need to be addressed on annotation advocacy calls, but some of these issues are best resolved by modeling the data in LEGO.
  • For example, some re-annotation resulting from now deprecated annotation extensions can be better accomplished using Noctua.
  • Until we have more LEGO curators on board, we will need to strike the right balance between addressing these issues yet not putting too much effort into defining rules and writing documentation for an old annotation paradigm.
  • Possible approach: for each annotation issue compare LEGO vs GAF, come up with the best approach we can in the GAF, but illustrate the advantages of LEGO.