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*On call: Judy, Kimberly, Moni, Paola, Pascale
*On call: Judy, Kimberly, Moni, Paola, Pascale
*Judy - April 2015 Goals
*Judy - April 2015 Goals
**Progress has been pretty good so far
**Progress has been good so far
[[Category:GO Managers Meetings]]
[[Category:GO Managers Meetings]]

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Agenda: Paola

Minutes: Kimberly

Agenda (partly carried over from previous call)

GOC Meetings for 2016

  • There's some confusion among curators about when the next site-wide consortium meeting is and what the aims of the post-ISB Geneva meeting are. Will there be a GOC-wide meeting later in 2016 other than the one in Geneva? If yes, any thoughts on when and where?
  • The schedule for the Geneva GOC meeting says that on Saturday April 16, "Meeting will run from 9am to 1pm." and "Optional break out groups may follow.". To book flights, we'd need to know if we should stay for the Sat afternoon or not please.
  • If you're going, please add your name to the list of attendees here:
  • Geneva agenda includes discussion of protein complex annotation. Any other agenda items yet?

Annotation Files Available for Download

  • Please see GO-Help ticket: http://jira.geneontology.org/browse/GO-1090
  • Where are annotation files available for download and if/how do these files differ?
  • Preliminary discussion on last managers call resulted in a number of suggestions. We'd like to run these by the PIs to discuss if resources can be allocated and to prioritize. Here's a summary of those suggestions:

1) Add documentation about annotation files available for download, both as a mini-tutorial well visible from the front website page, and as FAQ(s).

(Related: several users commented via the GO survey that the carousel on the front page is too big and not very useful => we could make it smaller at least, then the top articles would be a lot more visible.)

For example, we have an FAQ about finding annotations in QuickGO that can’t be found in AmiGO, but there is no FAQ on using AmiGO.

Note that the ‘Help’ link on AmiGO points to the wiki, we should at least move that documentation to the website… (opened ticket here)

Related: users who access GO information directly via AmiGO have no direct link to documentation or FAQs that are available on the website. That causes a loss of valuable information that we need to address. Huaiyu asks - who’s responsible for AmiGO documentation? (Update: there isn't a designated person, see this ticket)

2) AmiGO allows a maximum download of 10,000 annotations. We may want to speak to Seth to adjust that limit, be able to increase it manually like you can do in QuickGO.

3) On the GO website, under downloads, we need to help users get to AmiGO too.

4) It might be worthwhile to do more naive user testing for AmiGO.

  • Full minutes of last call's discussion are here

Review of Trello board

GO database website access numbers

  • Val notes: "Why are the GO database website access numbers reported so low? PomBase is now averaging 13-15,000 UNIQUE users per month (ex-robots). Unless the EBI are getting the stats wrong. So GO can't possibly be only 35,000 unique per month can it? Does that include AmiGO or is it only the GO website."

GO tools registry

1) remove any MOD-specific tool (i.e. MGI GO Browser, SGD Gene Ontology Slim Mapper, YeastMine)

2) Also remove OBO-Edit from the list, now deprecated for external users

3) Add GOrilla to the list at the bottom of the page here

Any opposition, please speak up now.


  • On call: Judy, Kimberly, Moni, Paola, Pascale
  • Judy - April 2015 Goals
    • Progress has been good so far