Manager Call 2016-06-1

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Identifier Space in GO Annotations

  • In response to the May 18th call's discussion on gene and gene product identifier space (see minutes), I've put together a spreadsheet that documents our current practice wrt for GAF and GPAd:
    • Annotated Entity IDs
    • With/From Entity IDs (note only for gene and gene product)
    • Annotation Extension Entity IDs (note only for gene and gene product)
    • Annotation Isoform Entity IDs
  • Then, for the purposes of discussion, I also added two other possible approaches:
    • Gene IDs only
    • Broad range of gene, transcript, protein, protein complex entity IDs
  • The plan was to review the different approaches, debate the pros and cons and then either get more feedback or finalize the proposal for presentation on an annotation or all-hands call

Periodic review of the Trello board



Agenda: Paola; Minutes: Kimberly