Manager Call 2016-08-17

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GOA isoforms files

See The goa_{species} and goa_{species}_isoform GAFs have been merged into a single file. This means that the files available from the GOA and GOC sites would be different, which will inevitably lead to confusion among users. File name should be changed.

Proposal for GO REFs

(Brought up by Moni on last mangers call)

  • Maintaining the current GO_REF file in SVN relies completely on input from a GOC member.
  • Need to move GO_REF to a more stable place.
  • Numerous URL redirects continue to prove a less than efficient system.
  • Proposal to move from current GO_REF to DOI record to ensure permanency.

All, please consider Moni's proposal above, add comments or alternative suggestions here, and we can discuss again in 2 weeks.

NAR paper

All, please add subjects to cover, paragraphs if you have at hand. Aim at having a full list of what we want to cover by August 15.



Regrets: Melanie, Paola, David