Manager Call 2016-09-07

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NAR paper

Review Trello board


Present: Chris, David H., Judy, Kimberly, Melanie, Pascale, Suzi, Moni



  • Seth working on development when he can; resources an issue for more concentrated effort here


  • Still down as the EBI sorts out the issues with the shutdown

AGR and Plans for Next GO Grant Cycle

Ontology Development

  • Ontology development will take a hit in February when EBI office is no longer with us
  • We need to discuss how this will be handled and make plans
  • Do we need another GO funded person? Any interest from anyone else in the GOC?
  • Noctua will make ontology requests easier, but there's still more work than for just one person (David H.)

Help Desk

  • We will also lose UniProt for GO helpdesk rota, as well

Conference Calls

  • Combine ontology, annotation, LEGO, PAINT groups/calls into one uber-call every Tuesday?
  • Will need to be strict with the agenda to make sure we focus on most important consortium-wide issues and strategies to accomplish them
  • Might still need to have a more development-centric LEGO call
  • Will be re-instating the GAF/GPAD Wednesday call with Jim