Manager Call 2017-11-15

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Agenda: Pascale Minutes: David (on vacation)


Update: Maintaining GO annotations for inactive projects

Pascale contacted Sandra and Tony; agree to have GOA /GOC maintainers of the annotations

  • "We (GOA) already look after the PINC, GDB, and RI annotations, and have done so since before I joined the EBI.

The contact that we had for DFLAT was Heather Wick (, but I'm not sure whether she's still active - I suspect not, but Harold might know, as he acted as her checker when she first started using P2G."

  • Next, we're going to need a contact address that we send reports and the output of sanity checks to; we'd prefer this to be a group email, rather than the address of an individual, so that they stand a fighting chance of being seen and acted upon. Is it worth creating a new email address ( maybe?) which can then be forwarded to the appropriate GO_Central curators?

(Pascale:) I am not sure what you mean. This list would be a ‘go-central’ email that the go-central curators would receive? I guess I was thinking that GO-central curators would be the ones disputing the annotations but it’s true that it can come from anyone. Yes, that's the idea - and remember that it's not just about disputes; it would be the email address to which any reports generated by our regular sanity checks would be sent.

Git Tickets

PanTree IDs in 'with' column

Release of New IBAs

  • Annotations made in PAINT are not being released?
  • Pipeline needs to be reviewed


  • Let's confirm dates


  • On call: Chris, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Pascale, Paul T., Suzi

Update: Maintaining GO annotations for inactive projects

  • GOA looks after PINC, GDB, and RI annotations
    • What does this really mean?
  • How would other annotations be incorporated into a pipeline (i.e. GAF) if these annotations are abandoned?
  • Need an SOP for this, e.g. GOA takes over non-MOD species, MODs take over for their species
  • ACTION: Need to define GO_Central
    • Who?
    • What are their responsibilities?
  • ACTION: Create a GO_Central mailing list
  • ACTION: Use groups.yaml to better organize groups
    • Add all groups who supply, or once supplied, GO annotations
    • Add status of the group
    • Add contact information, i.e. email
    • Add which groups are responsible for what sources in the 'Assigned by' field
  • ACTION: Create group of GO QA curators with superuser access
    • Create mailing list for GO QA
    • Make GO QA a group in the groups.yaml
  • ACTION: Capture people's roles in the users.yaml


  • When?
  • Where?