Manager Call 2018-08-15

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Monthly release delay

  • Causes? Any thing we can do to help ?
  • Releases should be announced on the go-announcement repo. Who can be responsible for this ?

GO Web Site Migration

Drupal move: new home of documentation is

Job descriptions for each manager

Pascale and Kimberly stared to create job descriptions for all managers roles:

Every manager should add what they believe are their tasks. And then we discuss it here.

Pipeline - what data should groups display?

PAINT annotations

  1. Pascale: Right now we suggest that MODs/groups consume the PAINT annotations as part of their groups' entire file (ie, including their own annotations). Does that really make sense ? I thought that the 'full annotation file' (ie, including PAINT); was meant to external users rather than for contributing groups. Given that most MODs either curate locally, or import from UniProt, does it make sense to re-import their own data via GOC *or* to filter the entire file to only import PAINT files ? See
  2. Propagation of IBD annotation to the leaf sequence when it has an experimental annotation already. For example, geneA has an EXP annotation to a GO term G, and it is used as an evidence to propagate G to its ancestor node X. The question is whether geneA should have an IBA annotation to G. In the current paint GAF, geneA is annotated to G with IBA evidence code. The reason is that geneA should be treated the same as all the other sibling genes through this evolution model. It is not a redundant annotation because this has a different evidence code. In addition, only a fraction of EXP annotations were propagated, so an IBA on top of an EXP annotation carries a heavier weight to the annotation. However, there are disagreements to this practice, because it already has the same annotation with experimental evidence code. As a result, this becomes redundant and circular. We should discuss and reach a consensus on this.

Follow up from last week

Feedback form update

Did we figure out the payment ? What's the time line for deployment?

New GAF Submissions

SuziA: Update on documentation

Ontology Editors' Meeting

David: Who would attend each meeting ? Pascale: needed to follow up with Paul regarding funds to hold these

Review Project Priorities for each group

(Note that this should be a recurring discussion on these calls)