Manager Call 2020-03-25

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  • Agenda: Huaiyu
  • Minutes: Suzi
  • Present:
  • Regrets:

Discussion points

GO Release

Alliance seem to need our release to be on time. Anyone knows how often/when we should release?

GO virtual meeting Paris

(Pascale proposal:) Chris had suggested we do some virtual trainings- why dont we get that started now so we get some experience prior to the users meeting ?


  • What can/should GO be doing, not just in terms of virus annotation, but wrt helping direct energy towards curation efforts, e.g. from graduate students who can't go into their labs?

MGI and WB Imports

  • Status updates
    • WB
      • Alex will work on preparing a test GPAD file with annotation history for WB - hopes to have it on the GOA ftp site some time next week
    • MGI
    • Have a periodic follow-up call to review progress?

Pathway Genome Databases and the Alliance

See Chris' email

  • Explore bringing in other existing curated pathways in a similar way that we did for Reactome
  • Follow-up to Alliance call with Peter K. two weeks ago?


  • Val's matrix paper is available as a draft
  • Authors have reviewed and made comments
  • Do the GO PIs (besides Chris who is last author) also need to read?