Manager Call 2020-05-06

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  • Agenda: Pascale
  • Minutes: Huaiyu
  • Present:
  • Regrets:

Review May Consortium Meeting agenda

May 2020 GO Users Meeting update

Proposal for the meeting:

4x15mn presentations : - introduction to GO (what we do & why, position of GO in biology today, example of use) - working with the GO consortium (how to contact us / ask questions / being more involved) - curations in GO (the work, the QC, hard stats on what's available) - bioinformatics and GO (how to use our resources, from API to enrichment)

Maybe an additional 10-15mn live presentation on the covid-19 page as a hands-on illustration of how to deal with annotations, do enrichment and formulate hypothesis to test

15-30mn Q&A

In addition, this could serve as a training for more recurrent online workshops, possibly recording some of those presentations to put on youtube ? Do we have a GeneOntology channel ?


Does anyone check sometime ?

Product owner for GAF2.2 project


Following up on action items


ACTION ITEM: : Consider starting a working group to discuss external ontologies in Noctua and GO more generally with the goal of developing consistent representation (as much as possible) and an SOP to give to groups onboarding. Will discuss further on the GO-CAM specs call, particularly with Jim B.

XenBase onboarding status

Seth - update

ECO and IEAs

  • Tentative breakout session at the GO meeting next week
  • Pascale contacted Michelle 2020-04-29: Michelle will fix the IEA mapping
  • We will talk more after the GO meeting