Manager Call 2020-05-20

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  • Agenda: Huaiyu
  • Minutes: Suzi
  • Present: Chris, David, Huaiyu, Judy, Kimberly, Laurent-Philippe, Pascale, Paul T., Seth
  • Regrets:

Results of user meeting survey

  • Most attendees filled out the survey relatively quickly after the meeting
  • 50% PhD student and post-docs; others were mostly staff scientists and PIs
  • Most people were working in bioinformatics, some bench scientists
  • Gene function and enrichment analyses were most common uses of GO
  • More targeted meetings about enrichment, data access and integration, APIs, curation would be helpful
  • It would also be interesting to know what the distribution of bench scientists vs bioinformaticians is at the Pasteur Institute

Discussion points from survey

  • Judy: bench scientists increasingly need to have skills in data analysis; we need to serve this community as well
  • David: should we have more than one type of users meeting depending upon who we're targeting/training?
  • Paul T: we need to know what questions people are trying to ask and answer by using GO
  • Paul T: what obstacles do people find when trying to use GO
  • Laurent-Philippe: can we recommend specific tools for people to use, could be ours, could be other groups' tools
  • Chris/Paul T: maybe we should re-visit the tool registry idea but define the standards for inclusion
  • Laurent-Philippe: update/provide new ten simple rules/tips for using and/or developing tools for GO
  • Chris: we will increasingly need to answer questions about the differences among GO-CAM, Reactome, KEGG, etc.

Consortium Meeting Recap