Manager Call 2020-07-29

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  • Agenda: Pascale
  • Minutes: Laurent-Philippe
  • Present:


  • There is a discussion about possibly duplicating effort by asking groups to submit a GPI file to GO and a BGI file to the Alliance.
    • Stacia raised the issue of possiblly overlapping goals here on a GO annotation call some time ago.
    • Should we re-visit this and discuss aligning these files more closely?
    • What would the development costs be for everyone?
  • Would like to formalize groups’ review of the specifications and ask groups to sign off their review on a github ticket.
  • Would give groups until September 1st, but after that no changes would be allowed for 2.0.

Data Visualization Workshop at ECCB

Are we interested in trying to register as a group?

Projects update

Legacy data

Laurent-Philippe Will try to use the SVN archive

Moving groups to Noctua (#3)

Kimberly has a GPAD file with full history and looking into loading this David is working on GPAD/GPI 2.0 files

GO pipeline solidified / Infrastructure / DevOps (#4)

Discussion: Seth: nothing to report Had no time to work on the pipeline Pascale asked if we could pay for any services to make the pipeline more efficient. Seth: Nothing on the main pipeline, but the Travis checks (go-ontology) perhaps. We need to check

GO-CAM content

i. List of BP to annotate ii. Annotation jamboree(s)

-> Do we want to schedule that ? Or are there Noctua features required first ? - Kimberly generated a list of pathways for C elegans - Kimberly: We *could* schedule a jamboree for the fall, but she is concerned that we have many questions about how to model certain things (namely, activity-regulating processes) - Kimberly will ask at the next annotation call to see who would be interested in attending, and will schedule a date

GO-CAMs from existing pathway resources

Ben is writing the paper

Creating GMT files Does this needs to be added in the priorities ?