Manager Call 2020-08-12

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  • Agenda: David
  • Minutes:
  • Present:

GO Baltimore

Basic page created with google doc to start filling agenda:

User meeting, 3 half days

From last meeting, users preference were:

- enrichment analysis

- data access and integration

- hands-on, jupyter notebooks

- ontology

- curation

If it is up to a general audience, then we can customize it however we want. What do we want to communicate to a broader audience? Laurent-Philippe will contact Michelle.

GO-CAM Jamboree

  • Proposal to have a GO-CAM curation jamboree sometime this fall
  • How critical will it be to have Noctua on a more secure production footing by this time?

Not sure yet before or after GO meeting. Possible concern with the fire season.

Name: GO-CAMboree ?


There have been a few meetings about GPI content since last week

Legacy data

Moving groups to Noctua (#3)

Kimberly has a GPAD file with full history and looking into loading this David/Lori have posted the mgi GPI 2.0 file on our test site for the GOC group to pick up.


Specs here to discuss: Converging on something stable with general approval

GO pipeline solidified / Infrastructure / DevOps (#4)

Discussion on taxon constraints ? Anything else to report ?

Jim has created a plugin for Protege that allows editors to see the inferred taxon constraints.

GO release

Some issues:

GO-CAM Jamboree