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GO Managers, Weds. October 8th, 2008 8 a.m. PDT, 9 a.m. MDT, 10 a.m. CDT, 11 a.m. EDT, 4p.m. BST

Agenda/chair: Jennifer
Minutes: Pascale


  • Pascale
  • Chris
  • Jen
  • Michael
  • Suzi

Action items from September 24th

Chris and Jane to add agenda items for software and advocacy. NOT DONE
Judy and Suzi to think about who will take minutes at the next meeting. NOT DONE
Suzi: A mail on these UniProt ids was sent today by Henning to the reactome list. Suzi to forward to managers’ list. (Note: she wrote to say that this had been done, but the email did not arrive. Please send again.)
Pascale: This new annotation column topic needs to be discussed with the annotation groups. TO DO NEXT WEEK AT THE REF GENOME CONFERENCE CALL
Suzi to produce a clearer list of use cases for function-process links, to be presented at the consortium meeting. NOT DONE
Jennifer: to change the photosynthesis discussion over to this list and inform the GO list. NOT DONE
Jane Send rough numbers on cost of Berlin GO Consortium meeting. NOT DONE

Discussion items

  • Review Consortium meeting agenda.
    • Function/Process links: Chris has been updating the wiki pages; we should probably organize that by 'types' of links to be adding; this also involves the new relations to be added

  • Pascale: 'Outreach' SwissProt
  • Pascale : Reference Genome: annotation jamboree Friday Oct 10
  • Pascale: GO meeting
    • special event Oct 21: going out?
    • registration fee ~150$; logistics??
  • Pascale: Evidence ontology: can people decide to only annotate to EXP, ISS, IEA and drop all other codes?

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