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GO Managers, Weds. Jan. 16, 2008 8a.m. PST, 9a.m. MST, 10a.m. CST, 11a.m. EST, 4p.m. GMT

Agenda/chair: Midori

Minutes: Pascale

Present: Midori, Pascale, Jen, Midori, Chris, Suzi, Judy, Michael

Review Action Items from previous meeting

  1. Chris: Draft proposal for GO slim maintenance. [in progress will send email to managers with the different options by the next meeting]
  2. Pascale, Jim et al.: Continue discussing wiki-based annotation tool.
  3. Jen: Organize conf call on gohelp technology. [Done; problem went away magically]
  4. Pascale (and rest of annotators): Continue improving annotation SOPs.
  5. Judy: Contact sea urchin db about doing GO annotation.
  6. See if we can collaborate with journals to obtain annotations from users. Responsible groups: managers, software group and annotators?: Test various methods of accepting user submissions for annotation; converge on best solution, and seek journal buy-in.
  7. Tanya and managers: Schedule Webex/call for Tanya to present her annotation-acquisition talk.
  8. Midori: Follow up on fungal terms with Val and Maria for sensu work: [Done]

Individual Manager reports

  1. Ontology Development
  • Regulation: many relationship fixes; ready to deploy 'regulates' relationship; draft announcement email on wiki:
  • Chris: summary of achievements: repositioned many of the is_a relationships so that they are more accurate, ie structure of the graph is improved. This allows better statistical analyses using the GO. Would be nice to quantify this, for example by taking papers that used GO and repeat analyses and see if results are better. Added >900 relationships.
  • See wiki for all details
  1. Outreach
  2. Software
  3. Reference Genomes
  4. User Advocacy


Collaborations and Interactions, active and new

  1. Report from Larry Hunter on Jan 11th meeting re NLP & ontology QA

Operations and Procedures

Staffing and Personnel

Budget issues


Other Current Topics and Concerns

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