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Agenda: Kara

Minutes: Emily

Phone passCode: 801-561

Action items from previous calls

  • The upcoming GOC meeting:
    • Prioritization of some things Chris would like to discuss/present at the GO meeting. Including estimates for ideal length of time, but we can discuss these. We should be sure to see which topics that people who phone into the meeting are most interested in so we can plan the agenda accordingly.
      • Cross-product / logical definitions update, go/chebi xps (15 - David says longer)
      • GO-pathway database integration (15 - Chris, Harold)
      • GAF inference and Evidence codes for automated inference (5-10 - Chris, Rama)
      • Proposal for more streamlined addition of compositional terms (5)
      • GAF2 update (5-10) CJM/Rama
      • Tighter obo-edit/protege/owl integration in CL and GO (5)
      • AmiGO new features
        • New search features in AmiGO (5)
        • PAINT-style displays in AmiGO (5)
        • Improved tree view (5)
    • Wish list for discussion items at the meeting
      • linkages between GO complex and PRO classes
      • signaling

New items

- Rama in contact with the M.tuberculosis community annotation group. Awaiting their annotation file to evaluate

- Should Rama and Emily look into generating guidelines for future GO jamboree efforts, to ensure quality of data? Should such annotations *always* be included in the main GO ftp site? (Emily & Rama)

- GO Consortium Agenda items: should there be discussions on column 16? Could we have an update from PAINT? (Emily & Rama)

- possibility of collaborations with the IMEx Consortium (Emily)