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Sending annotations to the consortium

If you are sending annotations to the consortium then please bear these general rules in mind.

Updating the annotations

The gene ontology structure changes over time and so it is essential that annotations should be maintained long term to accommodate these changes. If you are submitting annotations to the Consortium then you should either ensure that your group has funding to maintain the annotations, or that you have made an agreement with another group that they will carry out maintenance.

==General principles for sequence ids==

You must have stable ids for your objects. 
You must provide information on what the object is. Protein, nucleotide or whatever. It doesn't matter if a nucleotide sequence is a gene, a genome, or an est as long as you know whether it is nucleotide sequence or a protein. (Although the gene_association file column says you can say 'gene', you must say if the sequence id is protein or DNA.)
If a sequence id has become obsolete then you should be able to track down what has replaced it. What is the mechanism for that?
If people are submitting annotations to the GO consortium then they must have an internal rule that their object ids are never reused.