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  This page lists the content of the website overhaul done in 2011. Note that most links are dead.

Drafts of new GO Annotation pages are being prepared for the GO Consortium website. These will eventually replace and improve upon the information provided by current documentation pages listed below:

  • Evidence Codes Include Flow Chart? Need to include new PAINT evidence types. State objective of concordance with ECO?
  • QC Checks. Perhaps the Annotation Quality Control section of: File Format could be displayed in this page
  • GO Reference Collection As this lists GO_REFs, which are just one of the references allowed in the GO annotation format, perhaps this could be linked to from a new References page?

New Annotation Documentation Layout

Perhaps we could have an introduction to a generic GO annotation, with tabs displaying documentation for each of the fields; including:

--Database Objects

-- Qualifiers

-- References

-- Evidence Codes

-- With field

--Annotation assigned_by

--Annotation Extension

Introduction to the GO Consortium annotation set

How External Communities can contribute annotations to the GO Consortium

Annotation Guidelines

-- Guidelines for literature-based curation

-- Guidelines for electronic annotation methods

-- Guidelines for manual, sequence based curation

GO Annotation Usage Guidelines

I realize that its not a page for the annotation group, however should one be created that deals with how to requesting new GO terms? Suggestions for content here: Requesting new GO terms

The Annotation Quality Control section of: could be displayed as a separate page, and include a link to the Annotation QC page that Amelia has now generated -

GO annotation fields required for correct display

Technical Priorities for Annotation Groups