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The OBO-Edit Working Group has agreed to devote the week of June 30th, 2008, to testing OBO-Edit2 and writing user documentation. We appreciate your help!

Please let everyone know what you're concentrating on in your testing, and which help pages you're working on, so we don't duplicate each others' work. You can enter this information below.

Help pages

Below is the table of contents listing the current OBO-Edit2 help pages. If you are working on a page or section, please put your name after it, and commit your changes to svn (or send them to Nomi) as soon as you're done. If you've checked a page and it's up-to-date, please put "(ok)" after it. If you think we should add a new help page (or delete an existing one) please tell Nomi.

Please note: the user guide pages linked here are not updated automatically--they are updated manually by Nomi. If you want to see your recent changes reflected here, please ask Nomi to update these pages.

OBO-Edit User's Guide (intro)

Viewing Ontologies

Filtering, Rendering & Searching (Jen)



Working with Data Adapters

The Reasoner (Amina)

Ontology Verification

Cross Products (Karen Eilbeck)



The Command Line

Frequently Asked Questions