OBO-Edit 2.0 Testing Tasks

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Please study the list of testing tasks below, and make a note after the ones that you would like to be responsible for in the OBO-Edit 2.0 release. When testing, if a feature is broken in the latest release, please highlight it in red and add a link to the sourceforge bug report. If a feature works, please highlight it in blue. For a particular component/task please update the corresponding documentation or make a note if content and figures are not up to date. Please feel free to add testing tasks, sub-tasks or notes as necessary.

Things to be tested:



  • Graph Editor (non-animated)
    • Expanding/collapsing nodes
    • Editing operations
    • Add term icon
    • Delete term or link icon
    • Different relationship types
    • All editing commands
    • Mutual selection works properly between graph editor and obo editor panel
  • Graph Editor (animated)
    • Expanding/collapsing nodes
    • Editing operations
    • Mutual selection works properly between graph editor and obo editor panel
  • Ontology Tree Editor
    • also see 'standard editing operations' below
  • Parent Editor
  • Text Editor
    • Definition Tab
    • Comment Tab
    • Cross Products Tab
      • Check for correct appearance of relations - see 'loading' below
    • Dbxrefs Tab
    • Synonyms Tab
    • Subsets Tab

  • Standard editing operations (All "Edit" Menu Options) - remember to test all different ways of accessing each operation (e.g. drag-and-drop, right-click, hotkey)
    • Move
    • Add parent
    • Add child
    • Merge
    • Delete relationship
    • Obsolete term
    • Add new term
    • Add multiple new terms
    • Add new relationship type
    • Add/Remove replaced-by reference
    • Add/Remove consider reference
    • Text editing

Viewers: Harold (Mac)

  • Tree Viewer
  • Graph Viewer
  • Graphviz Viewer
  • Term Image Display Panel


  • Term Search
  • Link Search


  • Local Filters
    • Term Filters
    • Link Filters
    • Term Renderers
    • Link Renderers

  • Global Filters
    • Term Filters
    • Link Filters
    • Term Renderers
    • Link Renderers


  • Verification Manager
    • Checking correctness of results
    • Making sure quick-fixes work
    • Checking runtime verification behaviour in text editor
    • User-defined verification checks
  • Ontology Change Tracker
  • OBO Merge
  • History Browser
  • Configurable message
  • ID Fixer


  • Dbxref Library
  • Subset Manager
  • Synonym Type Manager
  • ID Manager
  • Namespace Manager


Currently being being tested by: DOS

  • Reasoner starts/stops correctly
  • GUI components that need to be updated when the reasoner is enabled/disabled update properly
  • Reasoner incorporates live edits quickly/accurately
  • Can everybody's hardware run OBO-Edit at a decent speed with the reasoner on? This is needed for the Graph Viewer to fill in all of the paths.


  • Annotation Summary
  • Cross Product Info
  • Extended Info
  • Table of Contents


  • Configuration Manager

Loading/ Saving

Loading (all file formats)

  • Unrecognized relationship types handled correctly (see bug report for one thing that should NOT happen)

Saving (all file formats)

  • Advanced save
    • Filters in advanced save


  • All components in Show menu appear/disappear correctly
  • All GUI components that have a configurable state load/save the state correctly
  • Adding/Deleting/Selecting/Configuring Perspectives
  • Dock/undock panels works
  • Config files

win v. mac os x config files

OBO-Edit2 speed tests