OBO-Edit 2.0 Testing Tasks

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Please study the list of testing tasks below, and make a note after the ones that you would like to be responsible for in the OBO-Edit 2.0 release. When testing, if a feature is broken in the latest release, please highlight it in red and add a link to the sourceforge bug report. If a feature works, please highlight it in blue.

Please feel free to add testing tasks, sub-tasks or notes as necessary.

Things to be tested

  • Loading (all file formats)
  • Saving (all file formats)
  • Importing
  • Standard editing operations
    • Move
    • Add parent
    • Add child
    • Delete relationship
    • Obsolete term
    • Add new term
    • Add new relationship type
    • Add/Remove replaced-by reference
    • Add/Remove consider reference
    • Text editing
  • Verification System
    • Checking correctness of results
    • Making sure quick-fixes work
    • Checking runtime verification behavior in text editor
    • User-defined verification checks
  • Rendering/Filtering/Searching
    • Searching
    • Rendering in OBO Term Panel, Graph Editor
    • Filtering in OBO Term Panel, Graph Editor
  • GUI
    • All components in Show menu appear/disappear correctly
    • All gui components that have a configurable state load/save the state correctly
    • Adding/Deleting/Selecting/Configuring Perspectives
    • Dockable panels work properly
  • Graph Editor
    • Expanding/collapsing nodes
    • Editing operations
    • Mutual selection works properly between graph editor and obo editor panel
  • History system
    • obodiff works properly
    • history plugin shows accurate information
    • history files can be loaded/saved
    • obomerge works properly
  • Reasoner
    • Reasoner starts/stops correctly
    • GUI components that need to be updated when the reasoner is enabled/disabled update properly
    • Reasoner incorporates live edits quickly/accurately