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This page is intended to be a scratch pad for OBO 1.3 features and proposals.

Changes to Relations

The following new Typedef tags should be supported in OBO 1.3...

  1. transitive_under
  2. always_implies_inverse

transitive_under means that p -transitive_under-> q and X -q-> Y and Y -p-> Z, then X -p-> Y. Note that every relation is automatically transitive_over and transitive_under IS_A

always_implies_inverse is a boolean property. If always_implies_inverse is true for a relation p, it means that if p -inverse_of-> q and X -p-> Y, then Y -q-> X. This property could be used to define an integral_part_of relationship in OBO_REL, for example:

   id: OBO_REL:part_of
   name: part of
   inverse_of: has_part

   id: OBO_REL:has_part
   name: has part

   id: OBO_REL:integral_part_of
   is_a: OBO_REL:part_of
   always_implies_inverse: true

General Specification Changes