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OBO-Edit Working Group Meeting, Thursday June 25th, 2009 8.30 a.m. PST

Conference call details:
US: 1-888-727-6732
Outside US: 1-719-867-3417
pin: 601425

Agenda/Chair: Midori
Minutes: DavidOS

Action items carried over


Present: Amina, Chris, Harold, Melissa, Jen, Midori, David OS [Hope I didn't miss anyone!]

  • Update from Amina about what she's working on:
    • 1. Fixing assert implied links
    • 2. Ability to switch of incremental reasoning.
      • Think this is now working, but need to get Chris to check that the fix is safe.
    • 3. Making make viewing transitive relations configurable in the tree editor as they are now filtered out.
    • DS: But aren't they visible already? I have non-trans relations in fly anatomy and they are visible in OTE.
    • Chris: Think the problem is only seen if you have a term that only has non-transitive link(s) to parents.
  • Amina: Items discussed during the webex session with Taniya and DavidH on wednesday morning.
    • Apparently lots of complaints - including:
      • Possible problem with assignement of wrong namespace during editing. OE2 is meant to automatically assign new terms namespace of their parent. David H thinks this sometimes fails.
        • Feature request: Optional Verification check to check if is_a child has same namespace as parent.
    • Tanya feature request: NSBP check (MFBP check???) [DOS: not clear to me what this refers to - perhaps someone can fill in the details?]
      • Updates to user dictionary still broken
        • Amina thinks this is fixed in 2.1
        • Jen reports additional (perhaps windows specific?) problem of verification manager failing to read any dictionaries from her config folder.
  • Miscellaneous issues discussed:
    • AI: Check if it now possible to make root terms disjoint without screwing up display in OTE?
  • Update to Java version 6/1.6 from version 5/1.5. Amina to demo/walk all users through this, if required.
    • For mac users - open java preferences and drag Java 6 to top of list (note If you have the latest mac system update, java6 (AKA 1.6) should be installed. This is easy to reverse if causes problems for other software.
  • Harold:Perhaps alternating with a bi-weekly schedule?
  • Chris prefers alternating on a weekly basis.
  • Amina & Chris - We need to be able to fit Jane into at least some

meeting. She has a lot of bugs she wants fixing

  • Decision: Next week meet Thursday again and then decide.

  • Demo by Jen: Tag filtering.

- Jen demo

Feature request: save implied links [for presentation/save all] is confusing - can we get rid of the dialogue box altogether and have the 'for presentation' behavior be the default.

AI: Amina - find out what does realize implied links do? If we don't need it delete

Harold : Can we make the icons at the top of the windows be larger. Some people find them way too small. - Amina - trade off - could cauase problems for screen real estate - Jen - Perhaps we should make it configurable

Harold: Also, can we have it set so that detached windows don't always stay on top?

Discussion of graph viewing and graph editor:

- Jen has had problems showing all ancestors to root with graph editor- needs to investigate further to write bug report. - Graph viewer - still buggy. Doesn't work with RBR, needs LBL to give

 complete path to root.

Action Items


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