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OBO-Edit Working Group, Tuesday September 15th, 2009 9.30 a.m. PDT

Conference call details:
US: 1-888-727-6732
Outside US: 1-719-867-3417
pin: 601425

Agenda/Chair: Amina
Minutes: KarenC
Attendees: Karen C, Amina, Harold, Chris, Midori, Melissa

Action items carried over

  • None :)

Discussion items

  • Updates from the development front
    • Working on reasoner stuff
    • OBO-Edit2.1 release next week

Discussion: Amina has been working on incremental reasoning and plans to have a new release 2.1 by next week before the meeting. She will do a quick update of the documentation, but after the meeting the OEWG can flesh out any remaining details that need to be updated or included to fully document the new behavior of the reasoner.

  • Meeting next Tuesday 9/22 instead of Thursday 9/24 due to the GO consortium meeting.

all present agreed


Discussion: Chris stated that the desired behavior is to NOT show disjoint relationships in the GraphViz viewer. Amina will talk to Jen in order to find the correct terms to view the issue that Jen brought up, and then update the SF tracker item appropriately.

Chris also asked if people are happy with the current situation with respect to which components do or do not show disjoint relationships. Midori stated that she did not currently have a strong opinion on the subject, though might perhaps form one if there were more of these relationships in GO.

Discussion: Amina said that the issue seems to be that you must make sure you Commit. Once you've done that, it is possible to delete things normally. She has updated the tracker item with a comment.

Discussion: Amina cannot duplicate this bug. She will email the submitter after the 2.1 release to ask them to check on it.

Discussion: We discussed this first in order to have Harold present. We agreed that the desired behavior would be for the Graph Viewer to show asserted links without needing the reasoner to be on. However, in light of Amina's comment that this component will not be trivial to fix, we also agreed that it is not high priority at the moment because there are other ways to view full asserted parentage without the reasoner on. For the moment, documentation of existing behavior may have to suffice.


Consortium meeting

  • Midori to communicate audience response to Amina during the OBO-Edit demo.
  • Setup for webex and teleconfernce?
    Voice through webex was good during the OE demo last week.
  • Discussion of has_part relationship and follow-on consequences
    Mike Cherry is also interested in making sure that this is discussed so if anyone from this group is planning to put an item on the agenda about this, please coordinate with him. Possible discussion issues include:
    • display of has_part in AmiGO and in OBO-Edit
    • annotation mapping issues relating to using has_part instead of part_of relationships
    Examples where the has_part relationship is used:

Action Items


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