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  • GO consortium meeting will be held on October 21-22, 2008 (Tues-Wed)
  • SAB meeting will be held on October 23, 2008 (Thurs)


Mont Gabriel, 45 miles north of Montreal.


  • Reserve your room by calling the hotel at 1-800-668-5253; ask for "reservations" and identify yourself as part of the Northwestern University group.

Sorry, no online registration.

  • If you participate in both the GO meeting and the SAB, you should check in on the 20th (Monday) and leave on the 24th, as we are planning full days meetings.
  • You will need to pay a 50$ deposit by credit card at the time of reservation.


  • There is a choice between three kinds of rooms (depending on availability) Tyrol ("Superior" room with balcony), Rustique (log cabin-style) (there are only about 8 rooms available of this type), and Marquise (smaller rooms). All rooms are the same price.


  • The cost per day is CAN $208.00 (~208$ USD), including dinner, accommodation, breakfast and lunch (which includes taxes and service). If you plan to miss a meal, the price will be adjusted accordingly ($17 for breakfast, $22 for lunch, $43 dinner).
  • If you want to share a room (two double or queen beds); in that case the price for the room is the same, $126, so that's $63 per person.
  • We will need to charge a small fee (10-15$ per day) for coffee breaks but this needs to be done separately.


Wireless internet will be available in the conference room and in the rooms.


  • Bien sur, the menu is French-inspired, which means quite a bit of meat. However, there will always be fish and vegetarian options. Fill in the table below or contact me if you have special requirements.


  • Fly to Montreal-Trudeau Airport (YUL). This airport used to be called Dorval, you may still see that sometimes (for example, on Google maps...).
  • The hotel offers a shuttle from the Montreal Trudeau Airport for up to 6 people for a flat rate of $140.
  • A taxi would be about 100$ (Taxis des Pays-d'en-Haut, 450-227-3000; I suggest you call in advance).
  • You can also rent a car from the airport. YUL-Gabriel Driving instructions.

To do

On site

Tennis and golf should be open; I am not sure about the pool. It's possible to go jogging on the golf course just outside the hotel.

If you want to explore Montreal

In the Laurentians


Please contact Pascale Gaudet if you have any questions: pgaudet -at- northwestern.edu


Name Attending GOC (Oct 21-22, 2008) Attending SAB (Oct 23, 2008) Food requirement (None, Veggie, Vegan)
Pascale Gaudet yes yes none
Amelia Ireland yes
Chris Mungall yes yes
Michael Ashburner yes yes
Suzanna Lewis yes yes
Jennifer Deegan yes yes
Midori Harris yes yes
Jane Lomax yes yes
Harold Drabkin yes yes
Rex Chisholm yes yes
Kimberly Van Auken yes yes
Alexander Diehl yes
Mike Cherry yes yes
Judy Blake yes yes none
Doug Howe yes
Mary Dolan yes yes none
David Hill yes yes none
Victoria Petri yes none

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