Ontology Development progress report for March 2009 meetings

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Ontology Development Progress Report


GO term statistics

October 15, 2008

Current Defined Obsolete Total
Function 8421 8116 765 9186
Process 15565 15436 479 16044
Component 2226 2226 117 2343
All 26212 27139 1361 27573

March 27, 2009

Current Defined Obsolete Total
Function 8522 8272 780 9302
Process 16207 16110 480 16687
Component 2315 2315 117 2432
All 27044 28074 1377 28421

SourceForge statistics (Oct. 15, 2008 - March 27, 2009)

  • items opened: 453
  • items closed: more than 335 (new SF tracker has lost the feature that made counting straightforward; estimate about 420-430)

SourceForge reports (on SF site)

Ontology Quality Control

We're continuing to use the ontology QC procedures we reported in October. These include:

Progress is summarized on the Ontology_QC_Metrics page.

Completed work

Work in progress

The ontology development group (including "core" members and ad hoc participants) has made a great deal of progress in several areas.

Lung development

Signal transduction


  • This wiki new will be linked from the comments field of the ontology, so that the users can easily give feedback
  • New mailing list : signaling @genome
  • This is just starting; look for feedback from as many people as possible and members of the community

Cellular component organization

  • We have done a lot of work to reorganize terms representing Processes affecting cellular components, including defining "organization" and "biogenesis" in the context of CCs. Progress and the tasks remaining to be completed will be presented.

Internal cross-products

  • We have done extensive work on cross-products within GO, vetting autogenerated cross-products and estabilshing a plan for releasing them in the "extended" GO OBO file.
  • David and Tanya: working on on regulates

MF-BP links

  • There is a new proposal to add process-specific MF terms to support part_of links between MF and BP.
  • MF-BP link items reported in October remain relevant:

Other work in progress