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===Follow-up on ChEBI paper===
===Follow-up on ChEBI paper===
===transmembrane transport/ers vs. transport/ers===
===Annotation relationships===
Following on from the annotation call on Tues, at which there was a lot of confusion. I explained what we meant by 'actively_involved_in' v/s 'involved_in', and that you can be actively involved in something directly or indirectly, as described in Chris's handy figure:
[[Media:Capable of.pdf|200px|thumb|left|capable_of_figure]]
as well as the difference between being actively and passively involved in a process. I don't really think I got the message across, so we need to figure out a better way of explaining this - perhaps with a simplfied version of the above? But the consensus seemed to be that no-one had been annotating the passive participants of a process, so I think we can probably use 'actively_involved_in' for all process annotations.

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Follow-up on ChEBI paper