Ontology meeting 2016-12-01

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Attendees: Moni, Jim, Melanie, Tanya, Paola, Harold, DavidH, DavidOS, Chris (on a plane), Paul T

Regrets: Judy

GoToMeeting invite: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/859015101

PI discussion of next months' EBI-GO work plan

End of subcontract with EBI of February 2017 - influences work of EBI-GO (DOS, Paola, Melanie) team. Helen has proposed that EBI-GO will step off the GO rotas (GH, TG, Helpdesk) starting December 12th to allow wrap-up of existing tickets concomitantly with other tasks. David Hill (as Ontology Lead ) and GO PIs will discuss further with Helen.

Others funded by GOC are interested in training and joining Ontology Dev team - training being planned.

Note that TAIR's subcontract also ends at the end of Feb. 2017. TAIR/Phoenix plans to scale back involvement in day to day, non-plant related ontology work after March 1, 2017, stepping off the GH/TG rota, and scaling back GO Helpdesk participation to 2x/year.

Tickets for discussion at this meeting:

See https://github.com/geneontology/go-ontology/projects/1, column labeled "Ontology Call December 1, 2016" on the right

  1. uberon_import includes a MIREOTed subset of GO, and this plays havoc with the inference pipeline
  2. Add check for identical definitions in ontology file?
  3. Review MF term GO:0050827 'toxin receptor binding'
  4. Ghost relations in the obo-file
  5. Discussion of 'positive regulation' and 'maintenance'
  6. MP: (recently removed ) parentage in amino acid metabolism
  7. Merge directly_activates/inhibits relations into directly_positively/negatively_regulates.