Ontology meeting 2020-04-06

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More on Roles

Karen has asked for some discussion.

T: Practical question: new and old curators will have to remember that they need to annotate to ‘xenobiotic %’ and ‘chemical x %’ to get both - how can we make this easier? term-specific annotation guidance in Noctua?
 D: One practical solution would be to always use the xenobiotic term when it is appropriate. If you then specify the chemical and the logical refs for the chemicals are in place, we will automatically infer the correct chemical hierarchy.
logica defs.
The chemical would be annotated in a way the annotation extensions are used now, only in Noctua.
So xenobiotic catabolic process and has_primary_input cocaine would also resolve to cocaine catabolic process. No need to double annotate if they logical refs are carefully thought out.

Other Business


Minutes should be recorded on individual tickets and in individual projects