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| u3 small nucleolar rna-associated protein 11
| u3 small nucleolar rna-associated protein 11
| PTHR12838
| PTHR12838
| Karen
| ubiquilin
| ubiquilin

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Family PTHR ID Curator
calpain PTHR10183
cell death activator cide PTHR12306
map-kinase activating death domain protein (madd)/denn/aex-3(c.elegans) PTHR13008
caspase PTHR10454
calpain PTHR10183
mitogen-activated kinase kinase kinase PTHR24361
sorting nexin PTHR10555
40s ribosomal protein s3a PTHR11830 Pascale
akt-related serine/threonine-protein kinase PTHR24352
bcl-2 related PTHR11256
bcl2/adenovirus e1b 19-kda protein-interacting protein PTHR12112
disulfide oxidoreductase PTHR22912
ephrin PTHR11304 Li
ets PTHR11849
f-box and wd40 domain protein PTHR22844
family not named PTHR18834 Li
family not named PTHR24025
group ii pyridoxal-5-phosphate decarboxylase PTHR11999
microtubule-associated protein PTHR13843
nadh dehydrogenase-related PTHR22915
protein arginine n-methyltransferase PTHR11006
protein disulfide isomerase PTHR18929
rbm25 protein PTHR18806
telomeric repeat binding protein PTHR21717 Li
tumor protein d52 PTHR19307
type i interferon PTHR11691
u3 small nucleolar rna-associated protein 11 PTHR12838 Karen
ubiquilin PTHR10677