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  • PTHR13509 >HUMAN ENSEMBL:ENSG00000106803 UniProtKB=P60468 PPOD
  • PTHR13509 >MOUSE MGI:MGI:3646319 NCBI=XP_917859 PPOD
  • PTHR13509 >MOUSE MGI:MGI:3644057 NCBI=XP_620236 PPOD
  • PTHR13509 >MOUSE MGI:MGI:1913462 UniProtKB=Q9CQS8 PPOD
  • PTHR13509 >MOUSE MGI:MGI:1929493 UniProtKB=Q9WUG7 PPOD
  • PTHR13509 >MOUSE MGI:MGI:3642323 NCBI=XP_001473350 PPOD
  • PTHR13509 >RAT RGD:1304997 NCBI=XP_001056613 PPOD
  • PTHR13509 >DANRE ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040718-260 UniProtKB=Q6DGH3 PPOD
  • PTHR13509 >CAEEL WB:WBGene00021427 UniProtKB=Q95XS2 PPOD
  • PTHR13509 >DROME FB:FBgn0010638 UniProtKB=Q7JZN0 PPOD
  • PTHR13509 >YEAST SGD:S000002128 UniProtKB=P52870 PPOD
  • PTHR13509 >YEAST SGD:S000002127 UniProtKB=P52871 PPOD
  • PTHR13509 >SCHPO GeneDB_Spombe:SPBC2G2.03c UniProtKB=O43002 PPOD
  • PTHR13509 >DICDI dictyBase:DDB_G0278117 UniProtKB=Q54YR4 PPOD

Arabidopsis proteins missing from the original list:

  • ARATH:NCBI=NP_182033
  • ARATH:NCBI=NP_191613
  • ARATH:NCBI=NP_200854