RefG Princeton April 12-13 2010

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Review 12 families

  • ACTION ITEM: We should all look at those 12 families before Monday!

Agenda/room availability

Monday 4/12:

Rm 280 10am-1pm.

Rm 253 1pm-4pm.

Tuesday 4/13:

Rm 253 10am-11am

Rm 280 11am-1pm

Rm 253 1pm-4pm

Discuss propagation rules

  • also discuss what we will present at GO annotation camp

Annotation tracker


  • Title: ???
  • Authors: as on this mailing list, and possibly adding CJM, Seth, and Sven if we add a section on the DB and the other GO-top PIs
  • Affiliations: obviously
  • Abstract: Paul?
  • Author Summary: I'll take a crack at this
  • Introduction: Pascale&Paul
  • Results: as below, with possible addition of DB section and web interface, although this could be a different paper. Ed and I can write #1, Paul&Mike for #2?
  • Discussion: #3 (Mike & Kara)
  • Materials and Methods: cut and dry, write at the end
  • Acknowledgments: all the curators at the MODs, the grant...
  • References, Figure Legends, Tables: as they fall out from the above.

Other discussion items=

  • (Pascale): Should we remove GO:0005515 (protein binding) form the list of terms we see in PAINT?
  • (Mike): Is the PANTHER to P-POD OrthMCL mapping currently working?
  • (Mike): Should we fix the dates in the new GAF files to reflect when the annotations were actually made?
  • (Mike): Could we re-generate the statistics from the GAF files using a script (rather than manually)?