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Software update

PPOD update

PANTHR update

Curation Targets

  • October: Provided by Human annotators
  • November:

Discuss annotation issues

Review action items

  1. Everyone should add to Annotation_consistency:_'Response_to'_terms how they use the response to terms (evidence codes and typical supporting experiment)
  2. Everyone who have comments about a potential HTP annotation tag should add them here: Annotation_consistency:_HTP.
  3. Debby: Put in a SourceForge request that definitions of terms for oligomerization, dimerization, protein complex assembly etc. should be clarified as to their use and annotations using these terms be checked and, if necessary, changed.
  4. Emily and Debby: Clarify GO:0006730 one-carbon compound metabolic process and GO:0019438 aromatic compound biosynthetic process - these terms were added by the HAMAP and InterPro groups. Both of those processes involve enzymes that use a folic acid derivative as a coenzyme, but Debbie didn't think that FolE (which catalyzes the first committed step in folic acid biosynthetic) should be annotated to those processes.
  5. Victoria: Make a SourceForge request to clarify the definitions of unfolded/misfolded protein binding and add chaperone activity as a synonym to both of the terms. Also add ‘de novo’ synonym to ‘unfolded protein binding’.
  6. Annotation_consistency:_IDA_or_IC_for_processes  :Tanya Berardini, Emily Dimmer, Pascale Gaudet, Chris Mungall, Kimberly VanAuken, David Hill
  7. Annotation consistency: x protein binding and with : Becky, David
  8. Annotation consistency: Using IEP : Emily, Pascale, Ruth, Stacia
  9. Annotation consistency: xx binding in the context of gene product  : Victoria, Pascale, David
  10. All (ongoing): Annotation Quality control: Please pick an ortholog set from the Curation Targets table [1] see also Annotation_QC for some general documentation and previous issues
  11. All (ongoing): Annotation Quality control: Have a look at the SF items and see if the ortholog from your organism is correctly annotated ("comprehensive"). Let lead curator for that set know that you're done.

Next conference call

Tuesday November 11, 2008, 1 PM CDT, 11 AM PDT, 7 PM GMT

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