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Tuesday September 11, 2007, 1 PM CDT (11 AM PDT, 7 PM BST)

Discuss meeting agenda

Review Action Items

We need to have some documentation ready for the meeting

  1. Judy, Petra, Karen, DongHui and Kimberley summarize how the different Tools for identifying orthologs work, algorithm explanations, order of preference and pitfalls in identifying orthologs
  Would it also be helpful to have groups present 1-2 of their more difficult ortholog assignment cases at the Princeton
  meeting so that we can attempt to draw up some guidelines for how to handle these cases?
  I'd be willing to collect and collate these before the meeting.  

  1. Annotation consistency/ quality control: Rex and Pascale will send all the curators on the RG mailing list a list of genes to verify; we'll see how it goes and discuss next time. See example ATPAF2
  2. Continue discussion on Outreach: publicizing the project and developing a web presence (lead by Susan and Rex)
  3. Continue discussion on Metrics: breath and depth of annotations (Rex, Judy, Ruth)

Curation Targets

  • If all goes according to plan, those should have been selected from the RGD neurological disease list.
  • Any comments?

Reference genome curation tool update

Next meeting

Tuesday October 16, 10 AM CDT (8 AM PDT, 4 PM BST)