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Pascale Gaudet (dictyBase)
*Rex Chisholm (dictyBase)
Petra Fey (dictyBase)
*Petra Fey (dictyBase)
Rex Chisholm (dictyBase)
*Pascale Gaudet (dictyBase)
Karen Christie (SGD)
*Karen Christie (SGD)
Ruth Lovering (HGNC)
*Ruth Lovering (HGNC)
Fiona McCarthy (AgBase)
*Fiona McCarthy (AgBase)
Judy Blake (MGI)
*Judy Blake (MGI)
David Hill (MGI)
*David Hill (MGI)
Emily Dimmer (GOA)
*Emily Dimmer (GOA)
Kimberly Van Auken (wormbase)
*Kimberly Van Auken (wormbase)
Donghui Li(TAIR)
*Donghui Li(TAIR)
Doug Howe (zfin)
*Doug Howe (zfin)
Susan Tweedie (flybase)
*Susan Tweedie (flybase)

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  • Rex Chisholm (dictyBase)
  • Petra Fey (dictyBase)
  • Pascale Gaudet (dictyBase)
  • Karen Christie (SGD)
  • Ruth Lovering (HGNC)
  • Fiona McCarthy (AgBase)
  • Judy Blake (MGI)
  • David Hill (MGI)
  • Emily Dimmer (GOA)
  • Kimberly Van Auken (wormbase)
  • Donghui Li(TAIR)
  • Doug Howe (zfin)
  • Susan Tweedie (flybase)


  1. Discuss agenda items for meeting
  2. Plan to develop proposals for main issues on agenda
  3. Review annotation stats.
  4. Regular monthly phone conference. Use to review stats, open ref genome source forge items
  5. Other issues?

Next meeting