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PAINT updates

PAINT beta 19

Here are some key changes to this release:

  1. Drastically sped up deleting an association from an ancestral node

(we're talking orders of magnitude here, folks).

  1. Sped up (somewhat) the creation of new associations. Keep in mind

that the GO database is hit during this step, so your connection speed to the database will affect the speed of this step. Still, should be somewhat faster than before.

  1. Added support for partial matches to "Find". Also changed the look

of the dialog a bit (it looked kinda ugly IMO) and added support for pressing <Enter> to start the search, rather than having to click on the "Ok" button.

  1. All panels should now retain the menu when undocked.

PAINT demo

Ed Lee gave a demo of the PAINT tool to the reference genome group.

Monthly conference call

We discussed the format of the GO annotation camp, the prioritization of the lung branching morphogenesis targets, and PAINT. Minutes are available here: 9_FEB_2010_RefGen_Phone_Conference

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