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Short-term Roadmap

This is a mostly in order list of upcoming featues in AmiGO. These will hopefully be the beginning of a more rapid release process. The 'User Interface' items and 'Developer' items will go on in parallel.

User Interface

These are the changes that will be seen and used by the general public.

Term Enrichement, Slimmer, and Search Relevance

Coming in next release.

Graph view of annotations

Views for the reference genome data. Starting with integrate of Mary's scripts with AmiGO against a live database.

AmiGO ORB interface

Add the ability for users to request new terms when their search fails. Demoed at meeting.

Boolean additions to search

This will change nothing for most users, but will give power users the ability to perform boolean searches on the database. It can be quietly rolled out.

GOOSE and AmiGO integration

More closely link GOOSE with AmiGO and make sure that they are in sync (or that syncing issues are spelled out).

Wiki abilities

Work with Jim Hu to integrate the GO NUTS wiki pages with AmiGO (work out URLs, links, etc.). This will add things like the ability to comment on terms and gene products. Examples:

Bi-axial viewer

Mainline this AJAXy component.


These are backend changes that will enable some of the changes of the frontend and make development and maintenance easier.

API for AmiGO

A broad refactorization of the AmiGO codebase to made extensions and programming easier. This will be an ongoing process and is related to pretty much everything.

ORB API stablization

Make sure that ORB has a stable API and backend. The API will be the important part; and after that is satisfactory, we can explore making ourselves less dependent on SF.

Proper session handling (Kart)

Solidify the way that AmiGO handles user information. Will allow seamless progression from one AmiGO component to another.

OBD-XML output (OBO backend)

A first step in using OBO as a backend and an exercise in using AJAX techniques on the frontend. Also a way of offering a web API to AmiGO.

Full OBO backend

All the power at our fingertips.


  • Reduce software development time
  • Interoperate with externally developed software
    • Client-side (javascript plugin components)
    • Server-side (JSF)
      • Share components with EBI OLS, QuickGO, NCBO BioPortal

Transitioning from perl to java

Amigo-perl-arch.png Amigo-java-arch.png