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Present: Seth, Chris, Ben, Siddharta, Mary

  • Personnel changes -

no more John & welcome to Siddhartha!

  • OBO-Edit Status report

Busy documenting code, working on user manual, fixing remaining bugs

  • AmiGO status report (Seth/Amelia/Ben)

Text version of AmiGO installed at Stanford

  • Database/Production

sequence loading - memory issues. Ben is trying to resolve these. Trying to get december release out. November release has truncated sequences

refG tracking interface: Siddharta is looking at code, can contact Seth and Mary for advice

  • gp2protein changes & reporting

will try getting a test load of refg-full + other-lite loaded, for generating gp2protein reports and refg queries

tracker items: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=36855&atid=934137