SWUG:Meeting 2012 01 04

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  • 2.1 is released
    • confusion over approval to use new version needs to be clarified
    • plan for 2.1.1 - beta for Protege workshop


  • TG 1.0 is live


  • Update from Seth
  • Solr clients (Mary)

Transition to SVN

Background: Migration_of_GO_to_SVN_(Proposal)

  • Report on current progress of migrating ontology directory (Chris) - see Ontology_Release_Files_Proposal
  • Progress on / Plan for tests for GAFs (Craig, Amelia)
    • Test uncompressed GAFs (non-binary)
    • Simulate history of GAF changes
    • Simultaneous with GPAD/GPI files (use Tony's scripts, in obo-scripts)
  • Proposed plan (Chris)
    • Make the ontology directory live at the end of January during Protege workshop
    • Include triggers that copy ontology dir to cvs


  • Intro to Jenkins & OBO Jenkins server (ask Chris for URL)
  • Proposal for using Jenkins in GO

Maintenance of PURLs