Signaling Workshop February 2010

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Please suggest agenda items, relevant papers and other information relating to signaling GO terms that you would like discussed at this workshop.


GO Annotators Remote Participants GO Editors Signaling Experts
Dr Ruth Lovering (BHF-UCL)
Dr Varsha Khodiyar (BHF-UCL)
Dr Sandra Orchard (Intact)
Dr Peter D'Eustachio (Reactome)
Dr Rachael Huntley(GOA)
Dr Val Wood (PombeBase)
Dr Alex Diehl (MGI) (TBC)
Dr Alex Diehl
(MGI/UB Medical School; GO curator and editor)
Dr Rebecca Foulger (GO Editorial)
Dr Midori Harris (GO Editorial)
Dr Andrea Townsend-Nicholson (UCL)
Dr Andrew Winter (Univeristy Edinburgh)
Dr Andrew Chatr-aryamontri (University Edinburgh)

Where and When

Date: Wednesday 16th February and Thursday 17th February, 2011.

Where: EMBL-EBI.

Wednesday: A2-33 Thursday: Courtyard room

  • Travel instructions to the EBI, The Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire CB10 1SD [2]
  • Please let EBI reception know you have arrived, and Rebecca will come and meet you.


Wednesday 16th February

9:15am Tea and Coffee
9:30am Welcome and introduction Rebecca
9:35am Introduction to GO Rebecca
11am Coffee break
12:30pm Lunch @ on-site campus restaurant
3:00 pm Coffee break
5pm Close

Thursday 17th February

9:15am Tea and Coffee
9:30am Recap of decisions made on Day 1. Rebecca
11am Coffee break
12:30pm Lunch @ on-site campus restaurant
3:00 pm Close

Relevant papers and other resources

Biochemistry of Signal Tranduction and Regulation. Gerhard Krauss. ISBN:3-527-29241-1

Cell Signaliing. John T. Hancock. ISBN:0199264678

The Biochemistry of Cell Signalling. Ernst J. M. Helmreich. ISBN: 0198508204

Signal Transduction. Gompert et al. ISBN: 9787030182173. (recommended by Andrea: provides a history on signal transduction)


  • How the signaling node should be split
    • cellular vs tissue vs organismal?
    • pathway vs process?
  • Defining and placing:
    • signal transduction
    • signal transmission
    • signaling pathway
  • Connecting the networks
    • How to connect the cell surface receptors with the intracellular 'modules' they signal through
  • Dealing with ligand-receptor signaling that is not 1:1
  • What is a signal transducer?
    • receptors?
    • ligands?
    • downstream kinases?
    • Should ligand-gated ion channels be given receptor parents?
    • Should receptors be divided into 'transport receptors' that deliver nutrients into the cell, and 'signaling receptors' that transduce a signal.
    • Should the RECEPTOR terms be kept in FUNCTION, or PROCESS terms created to replace them?
      • signal reception (synonym: receptor)
      • primary signal transduction (synonym: receptor)
  • receptor-mediated endocytosis
    • How should receptor-mediated endocytosis be linked to signaling?
    • Is the first step in RME (receptor binding to nutrient/ligand) signal transduction?
    • Where do RME receptors (eg LDLR, transferrin receptor) fit in?
    • How do the checkpoints fit with the signal transduction terms.
    • Val has been in contact with Paul Russell about checkpoints: He said: the term DNA damage checkpoint would represent the gene products involved in signalling only.
  • Connecting the signaling terms and response terms

SourceForge Signaling Items

receptors and HAS_PART:

receptor signaling proteins:

purigenic receptors:

MAPKKK cascade:

Calcium-mediated signaling;


norrin signaling (example of non 1:1 receptor:ligand signaling) :

hormone and hormone receptor signaling:

Connecting up receptors and intracellular modules:

wnt signaling via hippo cascade:

wnt signaling via JNK cascade:

PI3K/AKT signaling:



Definition Adjustments:

Obsoleted Terms:

Moved Terms:

New Terms: