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How To Use This Page

Please list the features you are most interested in adding to OBO-Edit 2.0 here. To add your list, click the Edit link in the Features section, and add a new entry to the wiki using the following template:

Wiki Template Example Code Example Results

=== Your name ===
# SourceforgeID
# SourceforgeID
#* Optional comment about item above
# SourceforgeID

=== John Boy ===
# 1762418 (Reasoner)
# 1762416 (OWL)
#* We need OWL Adapters if we want the DL community to take us seriously
# 1761395 (New Filter interface)

John Boy
  1. 1762418 (Reasoner)
  2. 1762416 (OWL)
    • We need OWL Adapters if we want the DL community to take us seriously
  3. 1761395 (New Filter Interface)

Please add items in order of preference. Feel free to add any additional comments you want after your list. If you're a wiki master, feel free to hyperlink your sourceforge ids to the sourceforge feature request page (see John Day-Richter for wiki syntax examples).


John Day-Richter

  1. 1761395 (New Filter interface)
  2. 1762416 (OWL)
  3. 1762418 (Reasoner)
  4. 1613629 (Database Adapter)

Of course, my vote probably shouldn't count...

Erika Feltrin

  1. 1613629JDBC database adaptor (Database Adapter)
    • I think that have the GO in a Chado shema could be very useful for having a standard GO shema. Chado is a relational schema and it is a modular schema, designed in such a way as to allow the addition of new modules for new data types. It is capable of representing many of the general classes of data frequently encountered in modern biology such as sequence, sequence comparisons, phenotypes, genotypes, ontologies, publications, and phylogeny.
  2. 1664572 Browsing ontologies other than those being edited (Other)
    • I am very interested in this feature since I often load two or more ontologies in the same session and I need to save just one of them.
  3. 1671379 batch queries (Filtering)
  4. 1533914 search by number range (Filtering)
  5. 1604421 part_of parent filter (Filtering)
  6. 1699359 search and replace (Filtering)
  7. 1660882 Tabular displays and data entry (Interface)
  8. 1756995 additional info in ontology editor panel (Interface)
  9. 1593531 Set default relationship to something other than is_a (Interface)
  10. 1612882 NCBO: reasoning over instances (Reasoner)
  11. 1762416 OWL data adapter (Database Adapter)
  12. 1604638 quick save (Interface)
  13. 1710747 better labelling of search tabs (Filtering)
  14. 1570687 graphviewer select (Interface)
  15. 1756733 newlines in def (Verification)
  16. 1698351 namespace (Verification)
  17. 1576900 warn against saving XX:<newdbxref>s (Verification)

Jennifer Deegan

It seems to me that OBO-Edit 2 can't be released until the features already added have been made useable and have been fully tested. Therefore anything that is required to get the graph editor up and running would be my priority, before other features are added:

  1. 1753339 - graph editor

Real time-savers:

  1. 1761436 - Dialog box for approving reasoner results en-masse
  2. 1633306 - 'Remove all redundant relations' option
  3. 1604638 - quick save
  4. 1694190 - human-friendly history output
  5. 1680238 - Extended definitions
  6. 1542525 - Duplicate ids
  7. 1755435 - verification plugin synonym options
  8. 1756733 - newlines in def
  9. 1698351 - namespace
  10. 1576900 - Warn against saving XX:<newdbxref>s
  11. 1570549 - jump to top of page

Nice to have:

  1. 1699359 - search and replace (We have a script that can do this.)
  2. 1526122 - create a subset by ID list (We have a script that can do this.)
  3. 1533914 - search by number range
  4. 1655443 - Plugin for applying 'rules' to new terms?
  5. 1654414 - lock view not quite locked
  6. 1593531 - Set default relationship to something other than is_a

Interesting to develop:

  1. 1660882 - Tabular displays and data entry
    • I am currently developing terms in a spreadsheet and adding them in to the file with a script so having a sort of intergrated spreadsheet might be useful.
  2. 1604641 - mid level clone


  1. 1594409 - Unclear choices under Add root] (I could do this one if you would like volunteer labour)

Midori Harris

Features I would certainly use:

  1. 1655443 (applying rules)
  2. 1604421 (part_of parent filter)
  3. 1633306 (remove redundant relations)
    • It would also be cool to have a quick-fix option to remove an individual redundant relation at the press of a button.
  4. 1576785 (scroll down)
    • If this is implemented, several of the other verification requests will be easier for us to deploy ourselves.

Features I can envision myself using:

  1. 1762418 (Reasoner)
  2. 1761395 (New Filter interface)
    • Might as well do this, since I'm voting for some of the specific things that "come free" with it.
  3. 1761436 (en masse reasoner approval)
  4. 1756995 (additional info)
  5. 1745864 (anonymous term bin)
  6. 1604641 (clone)
    • I would also like to be able to clone just all text fields and parent in currently selected path (as opposed to all parents and children).
  7. 1535974 (extra search category)
  8. 1660882 (tabular things)
  9. 1694190 (history output)
  10. 1605593 (property values)
  11. 1604638 (quick save)
  12. 1537199 (rendering)

Features that I think ought to be developed, whether I use them myself or not:

  1. 1762416 (OWL)
  2. 1613629 (Database Adapter)
  3. 1567962 (extended characters)
  4. 1612882 (Reasoning over instances)

Random other comments:

  • Of the ones I haven't listed, I'm neutral on most of them. There are one or two that I would actually vote against (1748284, 1730961).
  • A comment on 1570549 (page up/down etc.) - it already does this for me, with the OS page up, page down, home and end keys.