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8:35 AM

sjcarbon has joined the channel

rama: hello

sjcarbon: sorry i'm late

sjcarbon: are we waiting for amelia and mary?

sjcarbon: chris won't be joining us today

ben: mary n chris

gwg: I'm here

ben: oh

sjcarbon: ah yes, hello!

8:40 AM

sjcarbon: no mary on skype, maybe we should just go on...

sjcarbon: first action item:

sjcarbon: compare different displays for the term qualifier.

sjcarbon: people seemed to be hapy with #2?

rama: i was happy with #2. Did everyone take a look?

ben: i already voted

gwg: Did anyone see the email I sent out after that, about sorting options?

eurie: i prefer 2 over 1

ben: sorting or just qualifier display options

ben: I think it should just be consistant with other settings (not sure what those are)

8:45 AM

gwg: I'll make it sticky - I think it makes more sense to view the 'not' assocs separately throughout a session

rama: <a href="http://www.ebi.ac.uk/%7eaji/demo2.html">http://www.ebi.ac.uk/~aji/demo2.html

gwg: also - any prefs on how to set the option? A toggle saying 'view NOT associations separately' (or something similar), or do people want clickable column headings, or some other option?

rama: Gwg, where is the option to set the preference to display the Not annotations separately (sorry i am little slow)

gwg: I haven't put it in that display - I wanted some input before implementing it

rama: ho I see

8:50 AM

rama: I think the other options we have currently are not sticky..am i right?

gwg: some options are sticky, like the sort in the term / gp search, and whether you view the compact or the full representation of the tree

gwg: others aren't

rama: and what would the default be?

gwg: default would be to have the NOTs intermingled with the other assocs

ben: no comment

rama: okay. please send some mockups for comments and we will take it from there. is that okay?

gwg: yup

8:55 AM

gwg: next item?

sjcarbon: lemme see...

sjcarbon: contact GO list...done

sjcarbon: next item: ask chris about splitting up gp count by qualifier

gwg: we did that, and it was going to prove nasty

sjcarbon: right.

sjcarbon: i've forgotten why we were going to ask though.

gwg: people wanted GP counts for the various association qualifiers, but it was going to be a pain to calculate

sjcarbon: ok.

sjcarbon: next item:

sjcarbon: Put decision tree onto future agendas.

sjcarbon: we can take this off now, right?

gwg: what is this decision tree?

gwg: If it's the ev code one, it was done ages ago

sjcarbon: off it goes.

gwg: well, putting it on the website was done, putting it on the agenda has also been done now

sjcarbon: i think that does it for our action items.

9:00 AM

rama: about this release...

rama: we should limit it to the feature that Amelia is implementing now and move it forward

sjcarbon: everything is ready except the qualifiers.

sjcarbon: tag and go with this one feature.

rama: okay. sounds good.

gwg: sorry, it's partly my fault because I've been off work and having days off and so on... tut tut!

sjcarbon: anything else webby to discuss? if not, i have one more thing.

ben: time line amelia?  just trying to plan my week?

rama: no problem..

gwg: Do I need to do mock ups?

rama: no, you can put it on toy and let us know.

gwg: End of the week at the latest then

sjcarbon: Anything more webby?

9:05 AM

gwg: nope

sjcarbon: i've got a first pass of mary's graphs working off of the database.

gwg: excellent

sjcarbon: it needs to be made more efficient (so if you all pounce on it right now, it will smoke my workstation), but all of the basics are in there:

sjcarbon: <a href="http://berkeleybop.org/alpha/amigo/amigo">http://berkeleybop.org/alpha/amigo/amigo

rama: awesome

sjcarbon: right now, it is working on the wrong database,

sjcarbon: but i'll try to fix that

sjcarbon: i'll start soliciting input soon, but you can start taking a look at it as i progress.

rama: sounds good

sjcarbon: right now, it needs firefox or opera. a line of code will add safari. more to come.

pascale: great!

sjcarbon: i'll post to the list this week with more information.

sjcarbon: and instructions.

rama: great

sjcarbon: and what data to add, etc.

9:10 AM

sjcarbon: i'm good. anybody else?

rama: nope

sjcarbon: i think i'm having logging problems, could someone else send me the log.

sjcarbon: ?

rama: you mean the transcript?

sjcarbon: yes. please.

rama: i can

sjcarbon: thank you!

sjcarbon: if there's nothing else...?