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Conversation with #AmiGO

(08:30:14 AM) pfey [pfey@vpn160037.vpn.northwestern.edu] entered the room.
(08:31:39 AM) pfey: hi Seth
(08:32:23 AM) j-lo [jane@cpc2-cmbg12-0-0-cust646.cmbg.cable.ntl.com] entered the room.
(08:32:26 AM) stacia [stacia@adsl-76-198-66-97.dsl.skt2ca.sbcglobal.net] entered the room.
(08:32:44 AM) stacia: hi, are people on?
(08:32:53 AM) pfey: I'm here!
(08:32:56 AM) sjcarbon: some of us are.
(08:33:11 AM) sjcarbon: let's wait a few more minutes for the stragglers...
(08:33:30 AM) stacia: i'm new to this Conversation program. is there a way to see who is online?
(08:33:41 AM) gwg [gwg@plutonium.lbl.gov] entered the room.
(08:33:48 AM) pfey: yes
(08:33:50 AM) sjcarbon: that well depend on what client you're using...
(08:33:54 AM) sjcarbon: what are you using?
(08:34:01 AM) pfey: on conversation it is
(08:34:26 AM) stacia: um, i'm using Conversation. geez i must sound silly.
(08:34:37 AM) stacia: i'm on a mac
(08:34:41 AM) pfey: me too
(08:34:42 AM) sjcarbon: ah, I missed the cap 'C'
(08:34:46 AM) cjm [cjm@adsl-76-200-188-124.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net] entered the room.
(08:34:55 AM) pfey: and I see all users on the left of my window
(08:35:07 AM) pfey: or on the right
(08:35:13 AM) rama [rama@c-98-207-117-165.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] entered the room.
(08:35:21 AM) rama: hi there
(08:35:21 AM) j-lo: There's a panel on the right Stacia - don't know how you reveal it if it's not there tho
(08:35:37 AM) cjm: hello
(08:35:56 AM) sjcarbon: howdy!
(08:35:58 AM) stacia: ok, i will figure things out as we go,. thx all.
(08:36:20 AM) gwg: apple-U, or from the window menu 'Toggle Users Drawer'
(08:36:31 AM) stacia: got it. thx. :)
(08:36:47 AM) pfey: do you guys have the voice on?
(08:36:58 AM) pfey: it's hilarious when you use abbreviations
(08:37:32 AM) sjcarbon: i'm gunna check the phone for stragglers, then we can start...
(08:37:37 AM) j-lo: we have apologies from Rachael and Ranjana
(08:38:30 AM) sjcarbon: ok, nobody seems to be on the line...
(08:38:45 AM) sjcarbon: I assume that everybody has taken a look at:
(08:38:45 AM) sjcarbon: <a href="http://ash.lbl.gov/drupal/">http://ash.lbl.gov/drupal/</a>
(08:38:49 AM) sjcarbon: ?
(08:38:52 AM) rama: yes
(08:38:56 AM) pfey: yes
(08:39:13 AM) stacia: yes
(08:39:13 AM) j-lo: Rachael says she got it to work in the end
(08:39:20 AM) stacia: i like drupal
(08:39:26 AM) pfey: i like it too
(08:39:29 AM) sjcarbon: (me too)
(08:39:30 AM) stacia: looks good, and is easy to use
(08:39:47 AM) stacia: a good suggestion, Seth!
(08:39:52 AM) pfey: what about figures/pictures?
(08:40:02 AM) rama: so the idea is anybody can edit and post a news item?
(08:40:13 AM) rama: how does this work? Sorry I don't get the big picture
(08:40:21 AM) sjcarbon: pfey:we can attach images if you desire
(08:40:42 AM) sjcarbon: rama: only users that we allow.
(08:40:58 AM) pfey: do we all get a separate account then?
(08:41:01 AM) sjcarbon: yes
(08:41:24 AM) rama: how is this different from me editing the home page and checking the page into cvs
(08:41:24 AM) sjcarbon: but (again, if this is what you want) you can have permission to edit eachothers content
(08:42:05 AM) gwg: rama: it just makes it easier to create content
(08:42:07 AM) sjcarbon: simple editing, instant gratification, rss feed built in, permission, forums...
(08:42:11 AM) j-lo: Rama - easier editing, standardised formatting etc
(08:42:30 AM) rama: okay. get it..
(08:42:35 AM) gwg: to summarize: easier ;)
(08:42:44 AM) j-lo: oh yes - RSS, that was the whole point!
(08:42:57 AM) sjcarbon: I've added twitter as well.
(08:42:59 AM) cjm: does it do twitter?
(08:43:14 AM) sjcarbon: <a href="http://twitter.com/news4go">http://twitter.com/news4go</a>
(08:43:14 AM) gwg: great minds...
(08:43:23 AM) cjm: :-)
(08:43:33 AM) sjcarbon: a posting to the news site will now tweet.
(08:43:51 AM) pfey: B-)
(08:43:51 AM) rama: will any of the items be on the GO home page also?
(08:44:11 AM) sjcarbon: that would be a separate process
(08:44:17 AM) rama: okay.
(08:44:43 AM) gwg: the idea would be to have a separate news section
(08:45:09 AM) gwg: but it might be good to have headlines or possibly important news on the front page
(08:45:26 AM) gwg: (e.g. servers going down, etc.)
(08:45:26 AM) sjcarbon: or a news ticker?
(08:45:26 AM) j-lo: was about to say that!
(08:46:04 AM) gwg: if we continue to do 'Gene Of The Quarter' or similar features, they probably wouldn't need to be reported in full on the front page...
(08:46:26 AM) stacia: true. there are newsletter-ish items that would not be appropriate for the homepage
(08:46:54 AM) j-lo: It might be good to have say the last 3 news items not in full, but linked from front page iyswim
(08:47:14 AM) j-lo: no, not gene of the quarter tho
(08:47:20 AM) gwg: perhaps a headline, or headline plus summary?
(08:47:28 AM) sjcarbon: also, things like server status and other maintenance might be nice.
(08:47:36 AM) j-lo: yep
(08:47:41 AM) gwg: are we going to continue with the other newsletter features?
(08:47:50 AM) sjcarbon: what are those?
(08:48:17 AM) j-lo: tutorials etc
(08:48:21 AM) gwg: meeting reports, sometimes things about publications, etc
(08:48:30 AM) j-lo: I'd like to if we can
(08:48:34 AM) pfey: meeting announcementa
(08:48:52 AM) gwg: it might be good to have papers published by GO members with GO content announced there
(08:48:53 AM) stacia: yeah i'd like to just move anything that used to go in a newsletter onto drupal
(08:48:58 AM) sjcarbon: we could use the books in drupal for larger items
(08:49:37 AM) pfey: do we need any 'rules' or does everyone add/edit whenever?
(08:49:38 AM) cjm: the only thing I'm worried about is splitting content between rupaul and the wiki
(08:49:50 AM) cjm: people might get confused about what to put where
(08:50:14 AM) cjm: is there an easy way to shift content back and forth, make links in a convenient way etc
(08:50:15 AM) sjcarbon: does anybody use the wiki for news/announcements?
(08:50:24 AM) j-lo: no
(08:50:37 AM) cjm: but things like meeting agendas go there
(08:50:53 AM) cjm: so there will be two places to search
(08:51:02 AM) gwg: Chris: Is Ru Paul part of the GO consortium?!
(08:51:17 AM) j-lo: I think the distinction is that Drupal is for news for our users
(08:51:28 AM) cjm: ok
(08:51:32 AM) sjcarbon: news is more external facing. but i could check for a link thingie; or if not write one.
(08:51:51 AM) j-lo: wiki is more for us, and power users
(08:52:02 AM) gwg: I share Chris's reservation that there are going to be more places to search
(08:52:24 AM) cjm: wiki search isn
(08:52:31 AM) sjcarbon: true, but the structure and restrictions on the news site will make it a lot simpler.
(08:52:32 AM) gwg: esp. with there being stuff on the wiki, on the website and now Drupal
(08:52:44 AM) gwg: plus GO nuts documentation stuff
(08:52:59 AM) pfey: but if we add mostly things that used to be in the newsletter, did you search those in the past?
(08:53:00 AM) j-lo: can the web search be set up top search drupal?
(08:53:17 AM) stacia: right. drupal is meant to replace the newsletter.
(08:53:20 AM) cjm: 't that good anyway - maybe the solution is just to use the search on the main go homepage which should search all via google
(08:53:31 AM) sjcarbon: j-lo: already is (top right corner)
(08:53:42 AM) gwg: agree, wiki search is pretty useless
(08:54:15 AM) j-lo: so searching GO web would bring back results from drupal too?
(08:54:17 AM) cjm: jane - I think as long as the url is *.geneontology.org then the main GO searchbox should work. So I withdraw my reservation based on search
(08:54:28 AM) j-lo: ok
(08:54:32 AM) gwg: seth: does drupal have a built in search?
(08:54:43 AM) sjcarbon: top right corner
(08:54:59 AM) stacia: the drupal search seems to work ok
(08:55:00 AM) sjcarbon: can turn it off no problem.
(08:55:15 AM) sjcarbon: btw, i have it setup to refresh every 24hr.
(08:55:24 AM) gwg: is that drupal-based, or can you hook it up to something else (e.g. Google search)?
(08:55:38 AM) sjcarbon: i would assume that at worst it is a module away.
(08:56:45 AM) sjcarbon: <a href="http://drupal.org/project/google_cse">http://drupal.org/project/google_cse</a>
(08:56:47 AM) sjcarbon: yup.
(08:57:05 AM) j-lo: is it much work to fix it up with GO web stylesheets etc?
(08:57:29 AM) j-lo: so it looks more integrated?
(08:57:36 AM) sjcarbon: i don't know yet. the theming engine seems simple, but i haven't played much with it yet.
(08:58:10 AM) pfey: On the other hnd we do want to set it apart somewhat, right?
(08:58:21 AM) pfey: visually
(08:58:24 AM) sjcarbon: either way, that's a problem that can be incrementally worked on even after the site goes lie.
(08:58:31 AM) sjcarbon: lie->live.
(08:58:40 AM) j-lo: ok
(08:58:45 AM) pfey: the time for lies are over
(08:58:57 AM) sjcarbon: panic!
(08:59:14 AM) j-lo: we should certainly tell the truth on this feed ;)
(08:59:20 AM) j-lo: I'm not sure how we'll organise getting items in with a continuous feed rather than a release system like the newsletter
(08:59:33 AM) pfey: me neither
(08:59:35 AM) gwg: surely a bit of GO propaganda can't go astray
(08:59:40 AM) sjcarbon: also, i've integrated the test site with google analytics so we know exactlu who has been there and how long.
(09:00:06 AM) sjcarbon: j-lo: things can be done asymmetrically by users after consulting with the group?
(09:00:36 AM) j-lo: well, the newsletter gp will need to organise people to write certain types of item
(09:01:23 AM) j-lo: e.g. tutorials etc
(09:01:33 AM) j-lo: or gene of the quarter
(09:02:31 AM) sjcarbon: if everybody has signed on to the concept, maybe we should discuss some of the details...
(09:02:43 AM) j-lo: ok
(09:03:19 AM) rama: sure
(09:03:58 AM) sjcarbon: one thing is that tagging system. right now you can add new tags freely nd it will suggest old tags that people have already entered as you type. is this good, or do we want a hard taxonomy?
(09:04:02 AM) stacia: yes i'm on board
(09:04:34 AM) stacia: (oops, i was late with that reply, just confirming that i have signed on the to the concept)
(09:04:41 AM) sjcarbon: (no problem)
(09:04:51 AM) j-lo: I think a hard raxonomy would be better
(09:04:54 AM) rama: what do you mean by hard tax?
(09:05:00 AM) pfey: don't quite know what the tagging is
(09:05:03 AM) j-lo: controlled vocab!
(09:05:08 AM) sjcarbon: yup!
(09:05:16 AM) stacia: CV for item keywords?
(09:05:19 AM) j-lo: yep
(09:05:21 AM) sjcarbon: no "free-tagging"
(09:05:22 AM) gwg: definitely
(09:05:34 AM) gwg: things can get out of control very quickly otherwise
(09:05:38 AM) j-lo: have we learned nothing? :0
(09:05:43 AM) sjcarbon: who wants to work on the news ontology?
(09:06:02 AM) sjcarbon: volunteers?
(09:06:07 AM) j-lo: I'll do a first draft
(09:06:11 AM) sjcarbon: thanks!
(09:06:14 AM) stacia: i think we might need to allow fluidity at first, to see what CV terms would be appropriate
(09:06:50 AM) gwg: yep, but once we've settled on tags, we should stick to 'em
(09:07:00 AM) gwg: anyone who deviates even slightly...
(09:07:01 AM) stacia: sure, no problem.
(09:07:14 AM) stacia: but we will need to allow additions.
(09:07:19 AM) gwg: yep
(09:07:19 AM) j-lo: how about i do a draft, and then we alter as we go along?
(09:07:22 AM) j-lo: yep
(09:07:28 AM) sjcarbon: sounds good.
(09:07:30 AM) stacia: all that could be vetted within the newsletter group
(09:07:36 AM) j-lo: yep
(09:07:44 AM) gwg: as long as it's just a limited number of people working on it, it'll probably be OK
(09:07:46 AM) j-lo: we need a new name for that gp!
(09:08:10 AM) sjcarbon: right now we have:
(09:08:10 AM) sjcarbon: annotations announcement computational editiorial gene-of-the-quarter go-usage info meeting software warning yeast
(09:08:16 AM) stacia: i think Seth typed earlier "news group"
(09:08:37 AM) j-lo: sounds good to me
(09:08:55 AM) stacia: we can leave the mailing list name as 'newsletter' just for ease
(09:09:07 AM) stacia: and keep the same people on it
(09:09:09 AM) j-lo: ok
(09:09:13 AM) stacia: (unless someone wants out!)
(09:09:35 AM) j-lo: I'm afraid I need to leave. We still haven't settled how we'll commission/add items. Shall we work on that via mailing list?
(09:09:41 AM) gwg: yep
(09:09:47 AM) stacia: sure
(09:10:00 AM) gwg: it's more newsletter group related anyway
(09:10:08 AM) j-lo: ok, bye!
(09:10:11 AM) j-lo left the room (quit: Quit: Computer goes to sleep!).
(09:11:00 AM) stacia: briefly lost my connection. are people still on?
(09:11:05 AM) rama: yes
(09:11:07 AM) sjcarbon: yup.
(09:11:07 AM) pfey: yes
(09:11:28 AM) rama: Seth- what is the next step?
(09:11:28 AM) stacia: ok, i'm happy to continue the convo on the newsletter mailing list.
(09:11:51 AM) sjcarbon: could someone add me to that?
(09:11:53 AM) rama: content and editing is going to be taken care for by the newsletter group
(09:12:15 AM) stacia: maybe ask Mike to add you?
(09:12:18 AM) rama: how/when do you integrate drupal to the main site?.
(09:13:32 AM) sjcarbon: that will be a little strange: apparently stanford is undergoing a big server upheaval right now, so we will temporarily be hosting it over here (with a redirect) until things settle down.
(09:13:52 AM) rama: i see
(09:14:02 AM) sjcarbon: it should be transparent to the end users.
(09:14:21 AM) rama: and the search will work fine?
(09:14:40 AM) sjcarbon: it means little, but i believe so.
(09:14:48 AM) rama: okay.
(09:15:05 AM) sjcarbon: as long as we have links coming in from the main site so google can make the jump.
(09:15:31 AM) sjcarbon: actually, now that i think about it, it will be pretty easy.
(09:15:53 AM) rama: okay. thanks
(09:16:01 AM) sjcarbon: people want to be able to attach image and such to the posting, yes?
(09:16:09 AM) pfey: yes
(09:16:42 AM) pfey: like before we want to make some news items a bit nicer by adding a figure
(09:16:55 AM) sjcarbon: i'll look for a way of making that easy and send it along for people to take a look at.
(09:17:05 AM) pfey: great
(09:18:06 AM) pfey: maybe on an RSS feed people don't expect to see any images
(09:18:22 AM) pfey: so maybe we need to get away from what the newsletter used to be
(09:18:24 AM) gwg: lots of my RSS feeds have images
(09:18:32 AM) pfey: ok
(09:18:38 AM) gwg: you can usually tailor what you put in the RSS feed anyway
(09:18:49 AM) sjcarbon: finally (for my questions), would people be interested in having a separate calendar feature?
(09:18:50 AM) gwg: some people have the whole article, some just a teaser, etc., etc.
(09:19:04 AM) pfey: right
(09:19:08 AM) gwg: the main trouble with calendars is they have to be updated...
(09:19:30 AM) rama: we can put the meetings on the calendar instead of a separate item
(09:20:05 AM) sjcarbon: true. we could also integrate it with the posting mechanism (stories that have a date are linked to the calendar)
(09:20:21 AM) sjcarbon: or we could just punt it for now.
(09:20:34 AM) stacia: yeah maybe just do baby steps for now.
(09:20:39 AM) pfey: yes
(09:20:43 AM) rama: fine by me
(09:20:44 AM) pfey: becasue the calendar
(09:20:50 AM) pfey: as it is now
(09:21:00 AM) pfey: you have to click on the date to see what's there
(09:21:11 AM) pfey: that's not so good for meeting announcement
(09:21:22 AM) pfey: maybe we should keep the announcements
(09:21:28 AM) pfey: but link to the claendar
(09:21:40 AM) stacia: right - they would be seen. so yes, i agree, announcements would still be necessary.
(09:21:52 AM) sjcarbon: of course.
(09:22:02 AM) sjcarbon: they would be linking to eachother.
(09:22:02 AM) stacia: but these are details we can work out as we go
(09:22:14 AM) stacia: as we gather actual content
(09:22:23 AM) pfey: :-)
(09:22:26 AM) rama: actually you can have the calendar and be able to see the announcements too. check the calendar on this website- <a href="http://www.lincolnelementary.net/">http://www.lincolnelementary.net/</a>
(09:22:35 AM) rama: scroll down
(09:23:16 AM) sjcarbon: today is "BREAKFAST FOR LUNCH!"
(09:23:17 AM) pfey: nice
(09:23:23 AM) rama: yes!!
(09:24:05 AM) sjcarbon: as long as we have an idea of where we'll be going, it will make the decisions now easier.
(09:24:34 AM) sjcarbon: we'll try to keep the calendar window open pending further discussion.
(09:24:53 AM) rama: anyway...we can think about this.
(09:25:17 AM) pfey: if the calendar is bigger and informative, it's different than in the side bar
(09:26:20 AM) rama: anything else?
(09:26:31 AM) sjcarbon: i'm good for the newsletter for now. anybody else?
(09:26:44 AM) sjcarbon: otherwise, i have a quick WPWG item.
(09:26:54 AM) rama: are the PIs okay with this move
(09:27:04 AM) rama: do we have to bring this up in the managers meeting or something?
(09:27:27 AM) pfey: I guess they should be informed
(09:27:43 AM) sjcarbon: can we volunteer jane for that?
(09:27:51 AM) gwg: yes, good idea ;)
(09:27:58 AM) rama: yeap. good idea
(09:28:01 AM) pfey: 8D
(09:28:09 AM) sjcarbon: i'll let her know.
(09:28:15 AM) rama: Seth- go on with your item
(09:28:31 AM) sjcarbon: who is in the WPWG these days?
(09:28:40 AM) rama: I am
(09:28:57 AM) pfey: ok, I guess I can go then
(09:29:05 AM) sjcarbon: thanks!
(09:29:11 AM) pfey: thank you!
(09:29:11 AM) rama: Val, amelia, ben, pascale, eurie and few others. i can get you the list
(09:29:20 AM) sjcarbon: that would be great!
(09:29:35 AM) pfey left the room (quit: Quit: bye!).
(09:29:42 AM) sjcarbon: looks like we're out of time. any final comments?
(09:29:56 AM) rama: nope.
(09:29:57 AM) rama: thanks.
(09:29:59 AM) rama: Bye
(09:30:02 AM) sjcarbon: bye-bye y'all!